WordPress SEO Fundamentals

WordPress is brilliant at a LOT of things, but how well a WordPress website will perform in the search engines is very much down to how it is customised.

Have you ever heard (or said):
“Your website will be ‘SEO ready’ when it’s built”
… or …
“All our websites are built with SEO in mind”

The truth is that website owners simply expect their websites to work in search, and they look at the agency (or freelancer, or developer) to be the one who should have had this covered when the site was built.

Websites are frequently compared to cars… You wouldn’t buy a car if it didn’t get you down the road from the showroom. How well it goes down all the roads it will ever travel is a different thing as that depends on how it is serviced or if it is modified in any way (like ongoing SEO). But how well it works off the forecourt is very much down to how it was built. This course is about building websites that get you off the forecourt properly – if you’re still with me on the metaphor!

Introducing WordPress SEO Fundamentals

A no BS practical guide to configuring WordPress for search as you build a website.

Sidenote: this course was designed to give you the process to use as you BUILD a site. All of the contents can absolutely be retrofitted to an existing site, but for the purposes of the course, it’s structured for the build process.

✅ What WordPress SEO Fundamentals covers

This value-packed course is split into 4 parts:

  • Website Planning / Discovery: everything you need to glean from the client and their competition to make sure the website you’re building is structured to compete in the SERPs.
  • Design Considerations: that’s right – SEO isn’t just for devs and techies! Getting aspects of your design wrong can severely hinder your SEO performance.
  • During the Build: Everything you need to consider to make sure the site is BUILT correctly – from page structure to site speed, and everything in between.
  • Sending a Site Live: This is the final piece of the jigsaw that is often overlooked, but can have a hugely detrimental affect to any shiny new website.

Each of these parts looks at various elements of the SEO strategy that should be the BARE MINIMUM for ANY WordPress Website.

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❌ What WordPress SEO Fundamentals WON’T deliver

SEO is a long term game. If you want to take it seriously it is going to take time and dedication to the cause. This course won’t change that – BUT getting the fundamentals right is the first part of succeeding with SEO. And, getting them wrong can be catastrophic for both you and the client.  

WordPress SEO Fundamentals is also not specific to a particular page-builder or theme – it tries to be as generic as possible. Some tools or services will be mentioned (maybe even recommended) but the whole point of a fundamental is, well, that it is fundamental… So that kind of makes it universal, and not tied to a particular page-builder or logic.

Lastly, this course won’t make you an SEO guru. It’s more about making sure you, as the website developer, are building sites that are as optimised as possible when you deliver them to the client, rather than developing complex SEO strategies.

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🤔 Are there any extras?

Damn right there are!

As well as the content in the course, you will also receive:
✅   SEO check lists for each part of the course that you can use in your project processes (Google Doc)
✅   The website discovery template I use in my agency
✅   An “SEO for design” cheat sheet
✅   An on-page SEO check list
✅   A site live check list

As a delegate of the course you will also receive any updates to the course or its resources for the lifetime of the course.

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🤨 What’s the investment?

All of the resources above, including the course, will retail at full price at $79.00 (USD).

However, I’m running two levels of “early bird” presale. These are:

  • 🚨 Initial presale – to judge interest, if you’d like access to the course and are willing to participate in the presale right now, you can grab all of the above for literally HALF PRICE – a steal at $38! You can sign up below… If, for whatever reason, there isn’t enough interest and the course doesn’t go ahead, I’ll issue a full refund (so it’s completely risk free on your part). This presale will run until 23:59 on Friday 10th May 2024 PST.
  • 🚨 Production Presale – Once the course goes into production (from 11th May 2024) then the presale will continue, but at the higher rate of $58 (that’s still 25% off, so still a good deal, but not as good as the initial presale). This level of the presale will run until the course launches (see below).
  • Once the course is complete and live, any presale offer will expire and the course will retail at the full price.

At the time of writing I expect the course to be delivered by mid-July 2024 (although this isn’t a fixed timeframe, and I’ll update any delegates with a confirmed timescale as the production schedule begins).

Get WordPress SEO Fundamentals Now!

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