You don't have to figure it out on your own

Running a digital agency, whether it’s an agency of one or many, can be daunting and challenging. You are expected to know everything and never make a mistake.

We all know that’s unrealistic, but you’re not on your own 🙏.

Sales, operations and delivery

The three most common areas where Digital agencies struggle

Being a a Digital Agency owner can be lonely (even if you have a team) – there I’ve said it! 🙏

The pressure to:

  • Run a business
  • Source leads
  • Drive sales
  • Manage projects
  • Design Websites
  • Build Websites
  • Optimise Websites
  • Build Recurring Revenue
  • Manage a Team
  • Manage Clients
  • Run meetings
  • Deliver projects on time
  • Turn a profit
  • Outsource work
  • Recruit

… the list goes on. And all too often Digital Agencies fail and their owners burn out due to overwhelm. 

I’ve worked in teams where staff have literally disappeared overnight and then had to be phased back into the team months later, making life more stressful for those left to deal with it. I’ve also taken over an entire freelancer’s portfolio because they couldn’t handle it anymore and went and got a “real job” to do away with some of the stress.

I’ve seen it too many times and I don’t want to see it any more. More to the point, I don’t want that for you.

Over the last 7 years, I’ve developed a range of means that have allowed me to help agencies across the world.

Agency Reset

The Agency Reset is a quick, no-frills, (semi-intense) coaching program for Agency Owners / Freelancers who are stuck right now. Typically, this works for those experiencing one of more of these issues:

  • An inconsistent pipeline of projects or new clients
  • A lack of recurring revenue, and the subsequent cashflow
  • A lack of direction in their business
  • Overwhelm and too much on their plate – they don’t know where to turn next

I also realise that if people are in a bit of a jam right now, the last thing they need is a coach to come in with all their ideals and new processes and start ripping things up from the ground up – if your cashflow is tight, you need to play to your strengths.

That’s why I came up with the Agency Reset – it’s a really straightforward 6-week program that is designed to cut through the crap and get your business back on track.

What you get is this:

✅ 6 x weekly 1:1 calls – plus access to me through Slack between calls.

✅ An honest coach – asking the right questions, not the easy ones.

✅ A grassroots agency review – making sure the foundations are solid and your pipeline is established.

✅ A framework to grow your recurring revenue – this isn’t about imposing a workflow, but about developing a framework that is unique to your agency and your customer based on your skillset and recurring offering.

✅ Tools and templates – for tracking and growing your MRR and your pipeline.

✅ 1:1 Accountability – to set your priorities and keep you motivated to get going with them.

Access to the Agency Reset is via Application to make sure it’s a good fit for all involved. If you need help (and need it now) you can complete an application below.

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SEOHive is a white-label SEO company that helps digital agencies build recurring revenue through providing high-quality, affordable SEO services.

We have technical, local and content SEO products, and offer audits, reports and strategy calls to support our agency partners through every stage of the SEO Retainer Process.

We support websites (and agencies) right across the world. SEOHive is also the home of The WP SEO Show.

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SO… is my Digital Agency. We design and build websites and web apps for our clients, and then help them market their websites through SEO and PPC.

We often work with clients with unique requirements that make their businesses run more efficiently online, improve their processes, their brand awareness and the customer satisfaction.

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White-label Support

Offered through my digital agency (SO…), we can offer more tailered support to agencies and consultants who need agency-level services for their clients.

Working on a white-label basis, we can help you with web design, WordPress website development, SEO, PPC, content writing and overall marketing strategy.

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Consultancy / Strategy

Sometimes there’s no substitute for chatting things through face-to-face.

In addition to the services above, I am also available for agency owners to book in an hour (or a block of hours) and work through whatever is on their plate…

If you need this type of support, email me first and we’ll make a plan.

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