Main talking points include:

"The truth is everyone has a personal brand" – Bob is THE go to coach for leaders who wish to develop the personal brand AND their business. Bob has coined the phrase "LeaderBrand" to encapsulate this.

The dilema is this... we all have access to the same information, so why don't we all see the same results? Based on the most successful business people he knows, Bob has devised a structure that he calls "The Seven Blades of Good Fortune" that all revolve around your "Why". The blades are:

  • Dreams and Vision
  • Discipline and Productivity
  • Network and Community
  • Creativity and Imagination
  • Mindset and Positivity
  • Confidence and Swagger
  • Knowledge and Understanding


About Bob

Bob works with leaders at every stage of business to help them step out in front of their marketing. He does this through his podcast, youtube channel, coaching, masterminds & consulting.  His mission?.. Helping business leaders around the world discover, set and achieve their goals online - then build a business they love.

Website: https://amplifyme.agency/
Instagram: @bobgentle
Twitter: @bobgentle


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