090 – Using Productised Services to Market Your Agency

090 – Using Productised Services to Market Your Agency


Main talking points include:

Great question – there are loads of good reasons why a productised, lower value offer is a good idea for you to offer to clients:

  • Helps you vet the clients to make sure you’re a good fit for them
  • Helps earn you some passive income
  • Gives you a “hook” to use in your own marketing (don’t forget you must market yourself too, right?!)

We use versions of a productised service in our agency to help us vet clients for retained services, so we’ve all worked together before by the time we actually sign a contract that ties us together for an extended period of time.

What makes a good productised service:

  1. Something that takes no (or very little) of your time
  2. Something that gives great value to your target customer
  3. Something that reveals a piece of the jigsaw, and alludes to the rest of the pieces that you can fix for your ideal client

Some examples


  • Kyle:

    • Runs a design / digital agency in Texas
    • Wants to attract local clients (i.e. within the state)
    • Specialises in lead generation websites (ie not eCommerce)
    • Wants to work with SMEs who need high-quality leads
  • Kyle needs to understand the full picture

    • The right mix of good website design, proper coding and good website content delivery reliable and consistent high quality leads to the client
    • Kyle wants to offer the website design and coding services, so the “free advice” he wants to give out could be about the content (upstream of his services)
  • Exmaple Productised services Kyle could offer:

    • A keyword overview report itemising all the keywords your website currently ranks for, and 3 of your competitors
    • An email course about how to structure website content, or how and why it’s important to run a blog
    • Some video training about conversion rates and how and where to place call to actions
    • Some training on how to source keywords that will convert, and how to put a spin on them to attract traffic
    • An automated SEO review (or copy review) of any page of your website

The point is that the product positions you as the expert and reveals more details into a PART of the process that the client can take action on NOW. You must also make the point that any success the client will see from this training will be LIMITED unless they also address the design and coding parts – which you can help them with.

I’d then follow it up with some emails or a method of validation, before offering to book a discovery call.


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