056 – Using Journalism to tell Stories in Marketing



Rachel Extance is a business storyteller. A professional journalist for 15 years, she now helps organisations create content tailored to their audience. Rachel has worked in print, digital and social media for newspapers across the UK. The stories we tell are powerful. They create connections, change opinions, inspire and delight. Rachel will show you how to use storytelling to build your business.


Main talking points include:

Taking journalism into marketing
  • Your personal story
  • Your business story
  • The stories of your customers
How to start turning marketing into a story
  • Start with your own story
  • Knowing what your “why” is
  • Start with first impressions
Start with a strategy and find your medium…
Going to big events
  • Putting yourself out there
  • Networking with delegates
  • Giving yourself some confidence
  • Thinking about how you build a business and pivot as and when you need to


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