Main talking points include:

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Why Google Bard is better than ChatGPT for certain tasks:

  • How ChatGPT and Bard are different:
    • ChatGPT
      Database until Sept 2021
      Uses a volume of written text to understand and produce new output.
    • Bard
      Trained by a specific data set for conversations
      Main goal is to provide simpler results than the SERPs and trigger conversations

Which tool is better for which tasks?

  • ChatGPT:
    • Better at writing.
    • Stores previous conversations.
    • Can share responses with others.
    • Offers various plug-ins and integrations with popular sites and apps
  • Bard:
    • Better for research.
    • Can research current information such as recent events.
    • Read and summarize webpages.

SEO Processes that Bard is best for:

  • KW Research / Content Ideation
  • Content Auditing
    • Types of content
  • Content Planning & Structure
    • Heading compilation
  • Internal Linking
  • External Linking
  • Meta information (Meta Titles & Descriptions)




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