100 – The LIVE Show


Main talking points include:

Gotta say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has listened, joined the Facebook group, engaged, sent DMs, generally been encouraging in the founding and development of the podcast… Without the interaction of other people and being able to you through being a community, there’s no way the podcast would have come anywhere near 100 episodes!
How the podcast has changed my business: 
  • Well, it’s given me a brand new business in SEOHive to begin with
  • Referrals
  • Authority
  • A public stage
  • A reference point
  • A place for new clients to find and understand me and what I may be like to work with
Where’s the podcast going from here? 
  • It’s sticking around 😉
  • We’re going to keep focussing on
    • Marketing Professionals and Digital Agencies
    • Developing Skills and Resources
    • Building Businesses that are by people and for people
    • Creating a safe place for community to happen

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