058 – The Foundations of Good Design


Mor is the owner and lead designer of The Branding Designer, a flourishing branding agency, and FlixFrame, a successful web design agency. Her sites are showcased in GeneratePress Premium library. She is on a mission to share her extensive experience and expertise to help you excel and level-up your design skills through her design-focused course.


Main talking points include:

The foundations of good design
“The way we present words can make or break a project”
  • Typography
  • Colour
  • Layout
  • Spacing
  • Brand
Understanding who you are talking to… it all starts with the audience
How do we know that the design isn’t working? 
Firstly – it’s not converting!
“Design is a symphony coming together”
 Creating a style guide for you PROCESS… this becomes a roadmap.

Connect With Mor:

Website: flixframe.com
Twitter: @FlixFrame


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