Main talking points include:

What Clare has seen during 2020 lockdown:
  • Flight, flight, freeze mode – caused by stress.
  • Increase of the 4 Ps
People who are doing the best with this are:
  • Learning to say "no"
  • Prepared to invest in each other in new ways
  • Are seeing "what really matters"
Corporates – some positives will come out of this and the work:life balance will be better as a result
Entrepreneurs – have had to pivot
Saying no to work - having boundaries
Setting your revenue priorities
  • Ask yourself "what is your core genius?"
  • Clare's offerings:
    • Corporates – preparing to lead
    • Entrepreneurs – making a difference
    • Other people like me (imposter syndrome mentors) – wanting to serve in a similar way to Clare
Imposter syndrome – the fear of someone finding out you're not as good as you actually are. This triggers a fear response (aka self-sabotage). The gap between who you see yourself as being and what you can achieve.
There's two ways to deal with issues:
  • Find an unstable "Quick fix"
  • Remove the obstacle all together
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