Adam King is "The Captain" at Think Like a Fish, a Growth Marketing Consultancy that helps B2B service firms start and continue conversations that turn into clients. He's a big believer that relationships are central to all business. And as relationships come from conversations... Ultimately, CLIENTS COME FROM CONVERSATIONS!

It sounds straightforward... But how do you actually start and continue conversations that can lead to a steady flow of clients? And do it in a way that doesn’t feel all “salesy”, or takes you more hours than you have available in the day to do?

Well, he's developed a Growth Marketing Methodology that does exactly that, called... THE GROWTH ACCELERATOR ECOSYSTEM 

This strategy will get you DOZENS of conversations with ideal clients who are looking for what you do every single month, and/or referral partners who can introduce you to them. Adam is also the host of an AMAZING podcast called The Client Catching Podcast, where he shares a tonne of business advice & interviews successful service business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing experts who have scaled their businesses into 7-figures, or are on their way there!


Main talking points include:

How to stand out in a world of "extroverts & selfies” - Authority, Alliances & Assets

“What’s got you here, isn’t going to get you there” 


If you’re starting a business:

  • How are you going to be different? 
  • What specific results can you achieve for your specific client?
  • What will the achieve from working with you?
  • Figure out a marketing strategy right from the outset

    • Where are you now
    • Where are you going
    • How are you going to get there

"Your fastest route to growth is your existing clients” 

Don’t make your marketing overcomplicated… 


Where to start a business

Whoever you look up to, remember they all started at zero and what you don’t see is the hard work thats gone into the background to get them to where they are. Do you WANT to go through it? It’s not for everyone… 

Where to start… 

  • Phase 1:

    • Be specific about WHAT you can do
    • Make your offer about the outcome you can achieve
    • Go out into the world (networking, LinkedIn, etc) and test it…
  • Phase 2:

    • Have a platform to invite people too… a podcast, for example… (it’s like strategic networking)

"Your network becomes your net worth…"

"Business Development is as much personal development as anything else…” 

Don’t think about your products or services in a one dimensional way… There are 3 Growth Accelerators - Authority, Alliances & Assets.





Chris Ducker

Think Like A Fish

The Client Catching Podcast



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