071 – Scoping out the Competition


Main talking points include:

The key to scoping the competition – DO NOT get obsessed with what they are doing. You are marketing YOUR BUSINESS or YOUR CLIENTS BUSINESS, not the competitors.

What you want to achieve from scoping:

  1. Their priorities
  2. The things they are doing well
  3. The things they’re not doing well
  4. The things they haven’t thought of yet


The plan

Go into your competitor research with the following method.

  • Their structure
  • Their Keywords
  • Their CTAs / Boosts / Popups
  • Their Ads
  • Their Social Media


How to do it… 


  1. SEMRush or Ahrefs (or SERanking, but it won’t do the ads!)


  1. Browse their site – maybe even draw their sitemap
  2. Note any messages or popups
  3. Look at the Ads – its where they’re spending money
  4. Do some secret shopping – make an enquiry, get a quote…
  5. Do you own independent keyword research (you could do this first or at the end)
  6. Identify the holes – what’s the new angle?



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