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Damien is a Belgian expat living & working in Luxembourg. Previously a Physicist engineer with an 18-year corporate career in Research and Development, and a 30+ years passion for technology and IT in particular.

Damian started EasyTECH part-time in 2013 as a side hustle and finally left his employer in September 2016 to work as a freelance Apple tutor and consultant.

Since June 2018 Damien has been hosting the Macpreneur podcast, a show for entrepreneurs who run their business on Apple gear.


Main talking points include:

Helping entrepreneurs run their businesses with Apple products. Damien wanted to start a business in the technology space. This started with consultancy and personal coaching, which has expanded over time.

Damien reviewed the market and found a lot of competition with Windows PCs, but not for Apple products.

Starting out
Mum was self-employed and this was instilled from an early age… It was a goal in life to run his own company.

Family circumstances in 2007 lead Damien to a point of making a decision about becoming serious in starting a company.

Starting with clients was a side hustle on top of the day job.

The tricky part came in deciding when to go full time – initially, this was a financial revenue goal, but this didn’t work. This lead to a change of focus to a financial runway… Building security was important for family life.

The mistake was thinking that the momentum was scaleable in its current form. The problem was prospecting.

Finding clients< First clients were purely friends, family and word of mouth – basically leveraging his own network.After going full time, Damien joined his local BNI group. This move meant Damien could move into B2B clients which is more profitable for him.Launching a podcast was the next phase in prospecting and is allowing him to move towards online courses, online training and additional streams of income that are lower cost, but more profitable.New prospecting strategy: Providing value in free content that leads to productized offerings. 

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