078 – Principles of Business from Batman

078 – Principles of Business from Batman


Main talking points include:

“Knowledge isn’t power, it’s implementing it” – Todd Herman


Alex’s journey: 

  • Freelancing – working 9 days in 6…

    • Example of overworking: Alex’s daughter arrived on a Sunday, back to work on the Tuesday!
    • A few days later, Alex’s wife fell ill, and Alex was back at work…

Essentially Alex didn’t know HOW to get more (and better!) clients. He didn’t know how to specialize and was, therefore, losing out to companies that offered an inferior product. 

Alex’s journey led him to the point of identifying and confronting his failures, but this didn’t make him change… He then watched Batman Begins… 

“If you devote yourself to an ideal, you’ll become something else entirely” – Liam Neeson


Batmans 4 business principles: 

  • People buy from people
  • Everyone loves a specialist
  • Giving without expecting anything in return
  • Failure breeds success

What is your “why” – make your “why” all about your client…


Where to start… 

  • Start by giving information without expectation, and then start bringing your personality into it.

    • Choose one area, and run with this privately…
    • Only modify your entire brand, until you have a working model

Top tip – doing a 1-minute Instagram video every working day for a month… 

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