093 – Personalisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation

093 – Personalisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation



Andrea Bronzini is an Online Business Consultant & Optimization Strategist.

I’ve been working with online businesses since 2010 and, after a long time dealing with SEO and content production, I now specialize in conversion optimization & optimization of websites funnels, with a special focus on behavioural psychology and personalization.


Main talking points include:

Conversion rate optimisation differs depending on the type of business you run:
  • Ecommerce businesses are quite simple to optimise for conversion as there is a defined product in consideration
  • Lead generation or digital product websites are more difficult to optimise because there isn’t always the buyer intent in play when a user visit the site.
Personality types
People are different – therefore people have different triggers to make a purchase.
Understanding personality types is key to making your website appeal to your target customer.
Andrea is researching whether you can determine a users personality type from their browsing behaviour.
Personality tests – Myers Briggs (MBTI)
  • There are 16 different personality types
Optimisation on personality types is a method of balance.
  • By optimising for one personality type, you are “de-optimising” for the others.
  • The trick is to optimise for your main personality types, and then run a different funnel for each.
How to run traffic to personality type landing page, that then feeds in to the appropriate funnel.
Traffic can be run from SEO, PPC, email, etc…
Traditional marketing focuses on the 46% of users that base their decisions on benefits and emotions, not features and specifications.
Personalisation of web content
Using data available to provide dynamic content to the user based on the information you know about them.
Understanding the number of metrics that the product provides. By building pages with blocks of conditional logic, you can build pages that only display the content that the user needs to see.
There is a development need here, normally reading data stored in cookies and displaying data appropriately.
The bigger question is to do with collecting the data in the first place. There are fours ways to solve this issue:
  • Using an external, third-party service
  • Using email automation
  • Track their browsing
  • Ask them <- the best way… run a survey on your webpage
Once you have a hyper-personalised page, you can then provide the content that the user NEEDS to see, and then put them into the appropriate version of the personalised funnel.
Once you have this data, the information can be used both on the site and off the site for all client communication.


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