130 – Moving to a Recurring Agency Model

130 – Moving to a Recurring Agency Model

Main talking points include:

From a background of being an in house and agency designer, Doug has run his own business in a variety of guises.
The transition – giving prospective clients a choice:
  • A project-based model that costs a little more, and at the end of it we pass over the project and it becomes your responsibility.
  • A recurring model based on a payment plan, that includes the payment plan and all care plan and hosting services, that doesn’t cost as much over the period of time.


A bit about Doug

“After getting my BFA degree (majoring in Visual Communications) in 2000, I became a pro Web Designer…. and its been a wild ride ever since! Along the way I’ve been an employee for other agencies, I’ve been a contractor (like an employee without benefits!), and I’ve ran my own show. I’ve learned a lot along the last 21 yrs, seen the industry change and grow a lot, and I’d like to think I’ve gained just a wee bit of wisdom. I’m happy to share some things I’ve learned along the way 😀”




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