109 – Marketing World Leading SAAS Products Through Content – Pritesh Vora

109 – Marketing World Leading SAAS Products Through Content – Pritesh Vora


Main talking points include:

Pritesh’s background is working in mobile app startups – starting with virtual reality software, mainly around facial recognition and then mobile locations.

“The number 1 challenge for most retail businesses is acquisition and number of transactions.” – Pritesh Vora

Speaking to your end clients gives you an insight into what your potential clients need. This gives you valuable insight – as an entrepreneur you can then pivot to address this need. Uninstall.io allowed retailers to track their uninstalls and give them an indication of how to reduce this rate.

BlogVault has just acquired the brand of WP Remote to bring their service level up to a competitor of MainWP or ManageWP. This also gives the company the ability to develop additional features on the top of the platform – visual regression is the first of these updates.

BlogVault spends ZERO external dollars on marketing their business.

  • Content marketing has been their main traffic driver
  • Now seeing 1million visitors per year

“Discovery is the number one problem for product creators.” – Pritesh Vora

Malcare soft-launched through content (driven by BlogVault) and through an AppSumo Deal. Along with the AppSumo deal, the team developed an upgrade path. All AppSumo sales were not to make money but for two things:
1. Get users – who may upgrade
2. Get referrals

After that – this was designed to speed up the development cycle. In 1 month they got the users they would have ended circa a year to acquire.

Their content strategy includes:

  • SEO
  • Link Building

Their content uses the piggy-back method – they enabled a badge that gave them a backlink. This was completely optional, but gave them an influx of backlinks in 2 to 3 months.

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