111 – Managing Clients at the start of a retainer

111 – Managing Clients at the start of a retainer

Main talking points include:

When any retained agreement begins, there is the initial excitement that the sale has been made, and then the realisation that you now need to deliver… every month… over and over again. 

From the customers side, there is also the risk of “buyers remorse” (or that feeling of doubt you get when you make a new commitment to something). 

These are the strategies we use at SO and SEOHive to iron out that period of time… 

  • Initial communications

    • On your website
    • In your emails
    • In your documentation (proposals, etc – A “what happens next” section)
  • Don’t be afraid to tackle these topics head on – if something isn’t going to happen in a single month of work be upfront about it
  • Priorities big things alongside small things – so you can demonstrate progress
  • Identify what will demonstrate results fast, vs what’s going to be a longer burn

In reality, clients will accept that some work will take a little longer once you’ve been working with them a while and built up that trust. Use the first three months as its own mini project and prioritise from there. 

How you communicate with clients

  • Longstanding clients are more willing to pick up the phone / drop an email
  • YOU need to drive the conversation with new clients

Factor in a quarterly review, and maybe even call the first quarter something – like “Start up phase” – so it can then “end” and you can move into more normal operations.

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