105 – Introducing the Content Planning Toolkit

105 – Introducing the Content Planning Toolkit



Martin is the co-founder of Jammy Digital, a web consulting agency in the UK.

Martin, along with his wife Lyndsay, also teach Content Marketing using their membership community, in-person workshops and speaking on stages throughout the UK.

They’re also writing a book about how to use content to attract your ideal customers.


Main Talking Points

First agency – sold websites by convincing people they needed one. 

In 2016/17 – Martin and Lyndsay started to take Content Marketing seriously… they were prepared to put everything in their heads on their website. 

Book: Youtility – Jay Baer

The first problem Martin and Lyndsay had was getting more sales. This lead to topics around: 

  • Costs
  • Timescales
  • Processes

To get eyes on this content, Martin and Lyndsay then also provides content around high volume search terms – like SEO and driving traffic. 

“Imagine you are creating a maze and only your ideal client can get to the finish.” – Martin Huntbach

Book: Marcus Sheridan – They Ask, You Answer

Martin and Lyndsay’s Book – Content Fortress:

  • Out September 2020
  • Based around 8 pillars of content to fix your business

Content Planning Toolkit – it’s really easy to create content if you have a strategy!

People’s biggest struggles when creating content: 

  1. Time
  2. Not knowing what to write
  3. What am I getting back from it?

Priced at $27 dollars – its a one off!!! 





Shout outs 

Lee Jackson – Agency Transformation Live





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