089 – Introducing SEOHive

089 – Introducing SEOHive


Main talking points include:

Whats the point of this live call? 

To introduce to you a new service that will help you build MRR through selling SEO. 


Why is MRR important? 

Monthly recurring revenue brings the following benefits to your business: 

  • Stability of income
  • A move away from the peaks and troughs of the feast/famine cycle
  • The knowledge that your overheads are covered every month, without fail
  • The empowerment of making business decisions as your MRR grows – you can ALWAYS afford it
  • A move away from trading “time for money” into value-based profit


What am I referring to by MRR

I’m NOT referring to: 

  • Hosting
  • Low-value website maintenance plans
  • Domain and / or license renewals (with a markup)
  • Affiliate Commissions

What I AM referring to is a definitive monthly recurring service that has a demonstrable effect on your client’s bottom line. 


Other benefits of recurring services

  • Positioning you as the expert / authority for your clients

    • Becoming their favourite / the “go to guy or gal”
  • Increasing the average lifetime value of your customers – making sales FAR easier than they ever have been before.
  • Becoming intrinsically linked to your client’s success – so as their organisations grow, so can your services to them.


My Story

Setting up SO… 

  • Focus on recurring revenue
  • Hitting 6 figures in year 1
  • Growing the agency, team, premises, services as the budgets could afford them
  • NEVER not paying myself
  • NEVER being in debt or late paying suppliers

… all through SEO … 


Common objections to selling SEO as a service to clients

  • I’m intimidated by offering SEO
  • Intimidated by trying to sell SEO
  • Not sure where to start
  • Not sure how the “process works”
  • Seems like a LOT of work for the first few clients
  • Not sure how to report results
  • Don’t have enough confidence to give the right advice to clients
  • What happens if there is bad news?
  • No time – I’m stacked with projects!


Introducing SEOHive

Teaming up with JP from MaintainPress

Creating productised SEO Service that will grow with you and your business. 

  • Super affordable
  • super easy to manage
  • super easy to report back to clients and demonstrate your worth
  • We will give you the resources to sell and manage SEO services to your clients – all FOC


How does SEOHive work? 

  • Month 1: Onboarding process for EVERY site

    • Technical SEO Audit
    • Security Audit
    • Optimisation Audit
    • Review and action of all of the above
  • Months 2 onwards: 3 pathways

    • Content
    • Link Building
    • On Page SEO
  • Subscription model – that is clear what you get, and help you to calculate ROI. 


Why the pathways? 

  1. Helps you prioritise the services your client needs
  2. Means that we can ALWAYS be proactive on your sites – we don’t need to WAIT for instruction from you… we can get on with tasks, and then prioritise your requests as and when they come in.


What’s included in each pathway

  •  Content

    • Upto 2,500 words of copy each month – could be 1 mega article or 4 to 5 smaller blog posts per month
  • Link building

    • 5-6 quality links per month – all of a domain authority equal or above the client site we’re working on
  • On Page SEO

    • Copy optimisation
    • Site Heirarchy
    • Conversion Rate Optimisation
    • Meta & Schema tags
    • Health monitoring
    • Keyword research
    • Misc tasks as requested
    • etc… 


That’s great, but it’s going to be expensive, right? 

Pricing model: 

Base plan – $250.00 USD per site

  •  Includes on boarding process and 1 pathway.

    • Pathways can be changed once per quarter

Additional Pathways? 

  • An additional $175.00 USD per month per pathway

    • So:

      • $425 / month for 2 pathways
      • $600 / month for 3 pathways

Our recommendation is that you at least DOUBLE our costs for your clients… making a cool 50% margin (or 2X) as a MINIMUM. 

In addition, we’ll be developing all the resources you need to sell SEO, which you’ll be able to access as a customer. 

We’ll be launching on a site-by-site basis, but will be eventually putting a minimum base site limit of 3 sites on the platform post launch. To get the single site account you need to be on our mailing list… SEOHive.co


Whats the timeline? 

We’re currently working on the beta model and will be testing this in March / April. We will aim to get the service fully live by late April / Eary May 2020. 


Want to know more – make sure you’re on the mailing list… SEOHive.co


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