066 – Introducing Deer Designer

066 – Introducing Deer Designer



Thiago Carvalho is the founder at Deer Designer, former Head of Creative at the Daily Mail (a UK Newspaper) and has been Digital Specialist for over 20 years.


Main talking points include:

Deer Designer – a service for anyone that needs design work

The idea is for you to get a personal designer for as long as you are a client.


The challenges of finding a freelancer: 

  • Holidays
  • Finding a Job
  • Other clients


The process: 

  • You send an email
  • The PM and designer check the task
  • The designer works up some options
  • The quality team checks it
  • All assets are delivered to you


Clients can work on multiple brands all for one account.


“An ego-free designer”


All designers are around the world are given a fair wage and are given options in what they do and how they want to work. They are also paid above an average wage for the locale that they’re in. 


Connect with Thiago:

Website: deerdesigner.com
LinkedIn: click here


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