Main talking points include:

The "normal" model
Having the master plan – you set the scope…
  •  3 years / 5 years / 10 years
What are the steps to get you there… Keep them in broad annual stages
So, look at next year, what do you need to achieve to be on the path to your master plan?
Lets break it down into quarters
  •  Keep in mind seasons
Then take the first quarter and break it down into months, then weeks.
THEN, put in your diary WHEN you are going to look at Q2, Q3, Q4 and to do this exercise again next year… Go!
But 2020 has been anything BUT a "normal year"
What's happened in our agency?
  • Slightly down on turnover
  • Mega UP on profit
  • We have been in a privileged position to help companies survive the pandemic
So how does that affect the planning for 2021?
Unfortunately we can't all give away work forever... but we can learn from these experiences and work with our clients as they grow - their success is our success, etc...
What that has changed in our planning for 2021...
  • Still have all the revenue goals BUT have included a profit goal too
  • Changed the structure of our accounting a little, modifying the profit first model
  • Creating and supporting our clients (especially the new ones who may not have operated at this level online before) to maximise their success. This is done through education, nurturing and product development
  • Committing to honing our processes further to become slicker and more efficient
  • Keeping accountable to each other as a work family – both for the business and as peop


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