Main talking points include:

Priorities for keywords

  • What makes you the most money?
  • What is under-performing that needs to?
  • What has quality issues?
  • What will help improve the direct bottom line?

Run keyword research thematically or by department if necessary.


Strategy Output

The output of your keyword research is threefold:

  1. Keyword research document (Google Sheets Template)
  2. Keywords Mapped to Existing Content (Google Sheets Template)
  3. Keywords NOT mapped to content


Access the Keyword Research & Mapping Template

Sources for Keywords

  • Seed ideas
  • Wikipedia Table of Contents
  • Google’s “Searches related to”
  • Reddit and Forums
  • Google Suggest
  • YouTube Suggest
  • Exploding Topics (see Twitter)
  • Competitors (SEMRush / Ahrefs / Keyword Planner)


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