102 – How I structure my day to run TWO businesses

102 – How I structure my day to run TWO businesses


Main talking points include:

Following on from a previous podcast about what I learned from launching SEOHive (ep 99), Kyle asked me to share a little more about how I balance the stresses and strains (and even just to workload) of running two businesses in my schedule.

The process/system I have in place a few things I need to rely on: 

  1. Awesome teams – people I can trust
  2. SOPs
  3. A rhythm/flow to my day/week
  4. Discipline to stick to it.

The Process

I use a mixture of calendar blocking and a ClickUp board with a weekly plan to manage my time and tasks

  • Calendar blocking syncs with Calendly so it makes life easier for me to control when appointments can be made.
  • To begin with, the calendar blocking has time blocked out for SO…, SEOHive, Podcast, Management
    • 3 days are 50 / 50 SO… in the morning and SEOHive in the afternoon
    • The other 2 days are 25% SO…, SEOHive, Podcast, and Management

After MUCH trial and error, I found my best working hours are 9am to 5pm – it fits in with School and Family so well, and I’m not a pleasant person if I wake up at 5am every day (it’s great for you if you are, but it’s not for me!)

My ClickUp board has the following columns

  • Priorities
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • With Someone Else
  • Complete

Every FRIDAY I plan out the week ahead. This means:

  1. I alter some of the generic “pre” blocks in my diary to actual events
  2. I assign work tasks to every day for next week based on the priorities that are in the “Priorities” Column
  3. I never fill every day so I can still handle things like email etc.

A day in the life of Pete (this really isn’t that gripping!)

This is how a day stacks up:

  • Arrive at work -> put the coffee on (I’m a coffee lover – it’s my thing).
  • Check Banks / Financials for both companies. Action anything that needs doing.
  • Check Email:
    • Do / Delegate / Delete
  • By 10am start my morning calendar blocks, working through the items in ClickUp).
  • 12:30 break for lunch
  • 1:15pm – Check Emails
    • Do / Delegate / Delete
  • By 1:45pm Start my Afternoon calendar blocks
  • 4:30 – Check everything that needed to go today has been sent
  • 4:45 – Check priorities/plan for tomorrow
  • 5pm – finish
    • Unless I have an SEOHive Team meeting, which then happens and I finish at 6…

Boring it may be, but it works… 

Do you have a granular structure to your day? Jump in the group and tell me what it is!

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