We see them every day, they influence us, change us, evoke emotions and say something about us. They help us build businesses, and give us a flagship to be proud of. They unite and divide. But why and how exactly do logos work?

To dive into this topic, I spoke to the Logo Gook himself, Ian Paget.


Main talking points include:

Goals for a logo:
  • It needs to accurately represent who you are (the aesthetic)
  • It needs to differentiate against the competition
  • It needs to resonate with the target audience


The logo design process:

  1. Creative of Goals
  2. Research and Discovery
  3. Idea generation and Design
  4. Presentation of Design
  5. Creation of Logo files


Other talking points; 

  • What a logo needs to reflect
  • How to critique a logo


Connect With Ian:

Social: @Logo_Geek

Website: logogeek.uk

Podcast: The Logo Geek Podcast


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