Roland opened Benson design in 1985 in San Antonio Texas with one goal in mind to help small businesses promote themselves, develop strong brands, and accomplish their missions through message-driven design and marketing.

How I do this is by looking at their products and services the way the customers do, seeking an understanding of their business from the perspective of the people that they are trying to reach. Using this vantage, we begin creating: a unique identity, compelling messaging, and practical marketing tools.


Main talking points include:

Roland grew up with a number of learning difficulties, including dyslexia… having to adjust his life to accommodate this and become a better communicator. In the 1970’s this wasn’t an accepted form of need. Roland started using storyboards. 

Two things happened to Roland: 

  • Zig Ziggler – How to train a flea
  • Business Coach

    • Overcoming nervousness in talking to people

Talking to people: 

  • What makes YOUR CLIENTS the most money

The key thing to grow your company is to focus on your clients. 

  • When your clients make more money, they will give you more money.

Set a big audacious goal – to add $1,000,000 turnover to 100,000 businesses. 

Roland’s passion is entrepreneurship and the influence that has with the people – looking at mass audiences. 

  • Speak at 32 conferences in 2020
  • Speak on 50 podcasts including this one!


Roland's website: bensondesign.com


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