092 – Focusing on the Priorities in Your Business

092 – Focusing on the Priorities in Your Business


Main talking points include:

Process for deciding what to work on: 

  1. Identifying priorities

    • Business Critical
    • Cashflow
    • Business Development
    • Project Management
  2. Identifying quick wins

    • Whats going to take the least time, but make the biggest impact?
    • What or who is dependant on me for some of these tasks?
    • What is non-essential, that would be good if it DOES happen, but isn’t vital.

Before I get on to weekly planning… Handling email / client communications:

  • Do / Delegate / Delete
  • Only checking emails twice a day
  • Using a better email platform
  • Using a channel other than email for internal communications (Slack)

Weekly Planning Process: 

  1. I don’t calendar block
  2. I DO have 2 ClickUp boards

    1. Workflow Board
    2. Weekly Planner

Workflow Board: 

  • All projects / leads including finances

    • Business Dev Opportunities
    • Quotes
    • Project Confirmed
    • In Progress
    • With Client
    • Complete
    • Retained
    • On Hold

Weekly Planner:

  • Priorities
  • Monday-Friday
  • Complete
  • With Someone Else


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