087 – The Cornerstones of a Strong Marketing Strategy

087 – The Cornerstones of a Strong Marketing Strategy

The Cornerstones of a Strong Marketing Strategy


Main talking points include:

Essentially fundraising marketing is “awareness” marketing, specifically with an emotive gist to provoke positive change. In broad brushstrokes this entails:
  • Understanding / defining your key messages with the correct tonal value
  • Identifying success stories that demonstrate the good work you do
  • What objectives can you set / what problems can you solve for your charity by addressing your marketing (more followers/friends, more donations, more sites, etc?).
Things to consider: 
  • WHY should people be bothered, and how can you communicate this in a number of ways (positive, negative, with a CTA, as an educational piece, etc)
  • WHO are the people that are:
    • …going to benefit directly from what you do
    • …going to benefit indirectly from what you do
    • …going to get the “feel-good factor” and maybe one of the above?
  • How EASY are you making it for people to take action?
    • to donate
    • to follow
  • How can you REPURPOSE your messages across multiple platforms, so they’re not identical, but are consistent.
  • How can you extend the lifetime value of a donor, so you’re not just chasing the one-off donations, but the regular direct debits, high worth individuals or multi-project supporters
  • Do you have the infrastructure and skill set for all of the above, if not, how and where can you get help? (SO…!)
    • Do you have an investment/budget to generate this outreach? If not, can you get one?
    • Are you looking for a quick time fix or a deep-rooted foundation that will build over time?
Finally, set targets, so you know you’re on the right path and things can be rectified quickly if deviation happens.


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