This week's podcast features copywriter, entrepreneur and all round nice guy - Todd E Jones.

Todd run's copywriting agency Copyflight and the Uncommoners Facebook Group. He is also an author at MainWP and ConwayScene – a local project he's working on in his home town.

Todd and I discuss his current business and the means to which he arrived at this point in his career. We talk about the process of niching down and the fact the the entrepreneurial journey is an evolution.


Talking Points:

  • Introduction of Todd, Copyflight and his own journey
  • The purpose of copy within a website
  • The evolution of copywriting inline with new marketing methods and the importance of storytelling as content
  • How the purpose of copy within organic SEO has changed from pure search engine rankings to a long term play


Connect With Todd

Website: copyflight.com

Twitter: @tejones


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