091 – Constructing your offer to work with Small Businesses

091 – Constructing your offer to work with Small Businesses



Bob has worked in the field of digital marketing for nearly twenty years, for most of that time running his own consultancy. Latterly he built and ran one of Scotland’s largest dedicated digital agencies.

Currently, he focuses on helping digital entrepreneurs, microbusiness and small businesses fine-tune their product or business model, then find and build an audience online and compete against larger businesses with deeper pockets. He does this through his speaking, consulting and workshops as well as group-based or one-on-one programs of hybrid coaching, consulting and training.

Alongside this, he hosts the top-rated podcast, ‘The Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Show’ interviewing stand out practitioners, creators, influencers, consultants and business owners who are leading the charge online. No big brands, just real people playing bigger.

While the podcast scratches the curiosity itch’ for Bob, it also fuels and shapes his client work, keeping him very current and connected to what’s working ‘right now’. The podcast journey has transformed his business, shapes his speaking, his own marketing and most importantly how he selects and serves his own clients and wider audience online.


Main talking points

Bob identified that even though his business was successful, he’d essentially become the “Head of Sales” and not doing the things that he liked doing in his day-to-day life.

Rather than this, Bob decided that he wanted to give proper VALUE to the people he WANTED to work with. As such he had to make some BIG changes!

He now works:

  • doing some corporate consulting
  • with SMEs on their digital marketing strategy
  • with his Amplify Groups for tiny / micro-businesses

“The higher up the value chain you get, the less oxygen there is” – Bob Gentle

Working with mirco-businesses carries more responsibility to deliver true value as the results can either make or break the business completely.

“Action trumps everything in digital marketing. If you’re moving, you’re winning!” – Bob Gentle

Working with smaller businesses, it’s not always the strategic, tactical or technical aspects that are the issue. Instead, it is the emotional insecurities around “getting out there” and becoming personal with their marketing.

Agencies often sell the statistics rather than the transformation. Helping small businesses understand this transformation is like rocket fuel to them.

Offering the right advice doesn’t always mean that its the most expensive option for the client. There’s a balance between saleable services and education to your clients.

Website : amplifyme.fm
Twitter : @bobgentle
Instagram : @bobgentle


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