088 – Communicating “not so good” news to clients

088 – Communicating “not so good” news to clients


Main talking points include:

When unexpected things happen that aren’t so great for your clients – how do you go about telling them and keeping them focussed on the good service you offer and the bigger picture?
Things to consider: 
It’s important that your reporting to clients firstly has context, and secondly is structured in a way the reflects the changing nature of business over time and throughout the year. This could be:
  • Year on year reporting
  • Annual accumulations of leads/sales
  • Quarterly reporting

Month-on-month reporting is one of the worst places you can be in terms of showing your effectiveness try and avoid it, or get out of it, as soon as you can!

Be proactive in sharing the good news as well as the bad news.

  • Send emails/phone calls with small wins as they happen.
  • Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and talk with your clients.
  • Offer solutions to problems, don’t just leave the problem hanging
  • Demonstrate that you\re the expert, you’re switched on and in touch with these things
  • Do not let the client wait to find out, or (even worse) find out themselves


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