108 – Closing SEO Clients (Part 2)

108 – Closing SEO Clients (Part 2)


Main talking points include:

Part 2: New Clients

We don’t offer retainers to people we’ve never worked with before – we need to protect ourselves. 

We’ve produced a 2 stage sales process for selling retainers to brand new clients

Fixed Price SEO Healthcheck

Before we can effectively cost a retainer, we need to understand what we’re working with. Offering a fixed price SEO Healthcheck makes this part of the process easy. 

  • Create a templated proposal
  • Offer to run the healthcheck and offer an hour of consultancy afterwards to make a plan
  • If you have the skill set, you could also offer a few hours to action some of the items on the report and rerun it to demonstrate progress

The SO… SEO Healthcheck offering: 

  • SEO Healthcheck = £395.00 + VAT
  • Whats included:

    • Initial Healthcheck
    • 3 hours of work to action primary fixes (additional time can be quoted if necessary)
    • Secondary healthcheck to demonstrate progress after fixes
    • 1 hour consultancy call to go through results and discuss next steps

Keyword Research and Mapping Exercise

A second one-off project – this time at a higher value (£795.00 + VAT)

The purpose of this project is twofold… 

  1. Identify the difficulty of ranking the website in their niche for key search terms
  2. Highlight to the client exactly HOW MUCH work needs to be done – this is the long game

The added benefit to this is that it means should the client agree to a retainer, you already have a head start on the admin, so you can demonstrate results a bit faster! 

If we are confident enough after the SEO Healthceck we’ll skip this one-off project and roll it into the first month / on boarding of the SEO retainer. SEOHive’s process works on this basis. 

The SO Keyword Research and Mapping Exercise: 

  • Full keyword research and competitor analysis

    • NB: some competitors are search edge / keyword competitors, not just corporate competitors
  • Keyword mapping exercise of keyword research to existing content – including notes on actions required. Eg:

    • Copy optimisation required
    • Site hierarchy changes
    • Related keywords (additional copy? See below)
    • Internal linking
  • Content Plan for new keywords. A full list of all copy requirements (service pages, blogs, educational pieces, etc) for all keywords not allocated in the map above AND any related keywords (i.e. a new blog post to support an existing service page, for example).

At the end of the exercise we deliver the results to the client (on a call) and delivery our SEO proposal along with it… We then follow up very few days until 10 days or so have passed. We will give one further follow up after 30 days. 



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