094 – Best Practices for Working Remotely

094 – Best Practices for Working Remotely



Stephanie helps businesses, coaches & entrepreneurs grow their website traffic and their leads using proven content marketing strategies and effective SEO techniques. She has grown a global business from her home in Malta growing website traffic around the world including client work and coaching.


Main talking points include:

Working remotely – from home…

  • Still be disciplined about your day: 

    • Get up at the same time and focus you mind (read your business goals?)
    • Have timeslots

      • Theme your days:

        • Monday: Writing
        • Tuesday: Client Happiness
        • Wednesday: Content Creation
        • Thursday: Coaching
        • Friday: Catchup
  • Get better at knowing how long it takes you to do “stuff”

The Pomodoro technique:

  • 25 minute sprints with a five-minute break

    • 5 minutes to plan what to do
    • 20 minutes work
    • 5 minute break

Marketing is not an essential service, but even at times of change, there are opportunities for marketing professionals if you’re willing to go looking for them.

  • SEO companies are doing well right now
  • Companies reliant on content can’t stop
  • People are looking to do the “housekeeping” on their websites as the companies are busy. 

Look at potential collaborations with other expertise to help you get into other verticals (industries). 

Look at ways to send smaller projects through your workflow – if you offer packages, what does an individual part of that package look like as a product on its own? 

Set a minimum rate – for example a minimum time unit of an hour. 

Having more clients means you have to ensure your workflow can handle it. 

Don’t see it as “selling” see it as “relationship building”. 

Make sure you log clients so that you can continue the conversations when the economy picks up again – use a CRM?

  • Include people who are a good fit in terms of chemistry, but aren’t ready to buy yet. 
  • CRM System: 

    • Hubspot CRM
    • Insightly
    • ClickUp

Stephanie’s Bootcamp for people finding that they are new to working remotely:

Addresses 2 issues: 

  1. Staging professional
  2. Being ready for internationalisation

Stephanie’s Business Bootcamp


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