Main talking points include:

Candy started as a freelance writer and designer in 2009. As her business grew, she started outsourcing work to sub-contractors. Through this she started by under-charging and under-estimating the amount of work that needed to be done.

From her journalism background where editors, writers and designers start with nothing and produce an entire newspaper in a day, it didn't seem strange to try and fit this mentality to the process of designing and building websites.

The key points:
1/ Working in person is way more efficient – clients would come to Bizzy Bizzy to complete their projects. Since COVID, the team have had to move everything online.

2/ Candy and her team developed a fun and interactive process for their clients. This has also translated to a virtual set up.

3/ Candy and her team include a writer, so the content is written for the clients during the day. The team includes:
- A writer
- A Designer
- A Developer
- 1 to 3 people from the client

4/ There is a discovery call to outline the scope of the project.

5/ The process is designed to be an experience for the client, AS WELL AS creating a great user experience fo the end user.

6/ The purpose of the day is to get the website "live ready". The following day is taken to test the website, check quality and polish the design.

7/ Ecommerce websites are doing through a process called "1 Day Plus" – where the design and structure of the website are done in a day, but data input, integrations, etc are done after the day. Typically within a couple of weeks.

"A website isn't launched, it's birthed" – Candy Phelps

The change
Candy started by running this process for family and friends to test the model. She then ran it concurrently with "normal" projects for around a year, before going "all in" on the 1 Day Model.

Candy's company has a core value of happiness for her and her team. This has shaped the way they choose projects, their working practices and the way the interact with clients.

Book: The Progress Principle
–   The thing that gives people most happiness at work is making progress with goals
–  The thing that causes the most unhappiness at work is having to redo tasks

Building Trust and Recurring Revenue
For the first few years of running this model, Candy and the team focussed on getting the 1 Day process nailed. Once that was working in a way they were happy with, they then moved the focus on to the recurring model.

The team now build in maintenance agreements into their projects. This is based on the unique relationship thats developed with the client through the 1 Day process.

Their models include:
–  Maintenance & Analytics (base level)
–  Content Marketing – in a 1 Day style (1 day a month)

1dayworks.com – an online course that walks you through the process for the 1 Day Website

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