Helen Pollock is an Amazon-bestselling ghostwriter, non-fiction book coach and business content specialist. Working as The Content Doc these days, Helen’s been writing professionally for around two decades during a career in Marketing and, mostly, PR. Having worked for organisations as diverse as Aston Martin, The Royal Shakespeare Company, computer games companies and Plumb Center, Helen’s passion is writing lively and engaging copy about…well…just about anything. Now, Helen has transitioned to helping business people to write better. She ghostwrites business books and also content like blog posts and articles. Coaching people to write better copy, from a blog post to a book, is something Helen is incredibly committed to. She believes that everyone can become a better writer and that creating a simple framework for content creation is the key to great business writing. If Helen had to sum herself up in three words, they would be as follows: writer, feeder, fighter. Discuss.


Main talking points include:

Structuring content – a 5 step process… 


Step 1: Always get crystal clear on your customer avatar. 

Creating a customer avatar – give them a:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location
  • Car
  • Life
  • Children
  • Job
  • Hobby
  • Lifestyle

Don’t be afraid of your customer avatar: 

a) you CAN have more than one!

b) you won’t alienate people


Step 2: Create content themes around their pain points

Include your plan for repurposing and the key platforms for distribution.


Step 3: Get your thread sorted

Content Framer Sheet:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Why?
  • How?
  • Where?
  • When? 
  • So what?


Step 4: Break it down

Do you have a word count?

  • Introduction – tell them what you’re telling them
  • Content in the middle – tell them
  • Conclusion – tell them what you told them

Links to template sheets…

Find a formula… i.e. start with a statistic or a quote.

Always write your title last.


Step 5: Editing

Make sure that every word and every sentence counts.

The number 1 problem is that people write far too “wordy.”

Key editing tips: 

  1. Run spelling and grammar checks
  2. Score your copy for ease of reading:

    1. Flesh Concade Reading Ease Scale: Be as close to 100% for ease as possible
  3. Experience writers have a buddy to check their work

"Content needs to be of value to the person that’s reading it.” - Helen Pollock


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