068 – Fear and Failure

By Pete | September 16, 2019

  Main talking points include: Ant Middleton – The Fear Bubble / Mind over Muscle Failure: Failure is THE BIGGEST hurdle to people progressing…

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067 – Constructing Recurring Revenue Products

By Pete | September 9, 2019

  Biography: Jason helps developers and designers discover their niche, plan out and market themselves to build recurring revenue, and stay in the feast.…

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066 – Introducing Deer Designer

By Pete | September 2, 2019

  Biography: Thiago Carvalho is the founder at Deer Designer, former Head of Creative at the Daily Mail (a UK Newspaper) and has been…

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065 – Breaking catch 22s in your business

By Pete | August 27, 2019

  Biography: Andrew and Pete are the fun business duo who help small business owners scale their business so they can stop swapping time…

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064 – Why Recurring Revenue Is Vital For Your Business

By Pete | August 16, 2019

  Main talking points include: What recurring revenue IS NOT: Money for nothing Service Fees To be taken for granted What recurring revenue IS:…

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063 – Understanding that Marketing takes Time

By Pete | August 12, 2019

Biography: Born in California and raised in Texas, Kyle is a husband and proud father of three. After spending 15 years in graphic design…

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062 – How to be consistently active on Social Media

By Pete | August 5, 2019

Biography: Nicole Osborne is a personal brand and social media coach based in London and the founder of Lollipop Social. Nicole helps entrepreneurs get…

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061 – How to put on a Live Event for Your Niche

By Pete | July 29, 2019

Biography: Founder of Angled Crown, the Agency Trailblazer Podcast and Agency Transformation Live – Lee Jackson – talks us through the process he underwent…

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060 – Why Design is vital for Marketing

By Pete | July 22, 2019

Biography: With a background in art theory, Piccia Neri has been a practising designer for over 2 decades, working with major cultural institutions as…

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059 – Keeping Marketing and Business Simple

By Pete | July 15, 2019

Biography: Roger helps people keep their marketing simple in a world where business bullshit and complexity threatens to stifle success. An experienced marketing professional…

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058 – The Foundations of Good Design

By Pete | July 8, 2019

Biography: Mor is the owner and lead designer of The Branding Designer, a flourishing branding agency, and FlixFrame, a successful web design agency. Her…

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057 – FOMO Marketing for Personal Brands

By Pete | July 1, 2019

  Biography: May King Tsang is a FOMO Creator and Social Media Correspondent. Her role is to Live Tweet, and broadcast live on Facebook…

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056 – Using Journalism to tell Stories in Marketing

By Pete | June 24, 2019

  Biography: Rachel Extance is a business storyteller. A professional journalist for 15 years, she now helps organisations create content tailored to their audience.…

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055 – Generating Monthly Recurring Revenue

By Pete | June 17, 2019

  Main talking points include: Why recurring revenue is important for your business. How we set up and manage recurring streams of income in…

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054 – Video Marketing is really Video Customer Service

By Pete | June 10, 2019

  Biography: Pascal Fintoni is a professional trainer and speaker specialising in helping business owners get more enquiries from the Web. He started his…

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053 – Integrating processes to life as well as to business

By Pete | June 3, 2019

  Biography: Jessica is the founder of Super Mum Society, a motherhood empowerment brand, with the sole aim of helping mums realise that they…

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052 – Productizing to scale

By Pete | May 27, 2019

  Biography: Damien is a Belgian expat living & working in Luxembourg. Previously a Physicist engineer with an 18-year corporate career in Research and…

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051 – Why using funnels in your sales process makes sense

By Pete | May 20, 2019

  Biography: Matt is a web designer, marketer, agency owner since 2006 and worked in the digital space since the year 2000. As a…

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050 – Branding for Personal Brands

By Pete | May 13, 2019

  Biography: Philip VanDusen is a highly accomplished creative leader and expert in brand strategy and graphic design for some of the world’s most…

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049 – Making Time with Business Automation

By Pete | May 6, 2019

  Jimmy is lazy. He likes automating things or creating processes so he can do less boring work. He helps business owners be more…

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048 – Becoming a Content Creator

By Pete | April 29, 2019

Kim is an online entrepreneur and content marketing specialist. Having pivoted and moved her business around a number of ideas (discussed in the podcast!),…

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047 – The Personal Brand Journey

By Pete | April 22, 2019

Chris Ducker is a serial entrepreneur who has worked his way up as an entrepreneur working 14 hour days 6 days a week to…

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046 – Moving from Freelancer to Business Owner

By Pete | April 15, 2019

Robbie is the founder of RJH Digital – originally a freelance company, but now a full-service digital agency. almost 12 months after his previous…

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045 – Integrating Marketing Automation

By Pete | April 8, 2019

  Magnus’ skillset is founded in software development, marketing automation and AI and he works to assist other companies in using these tools to…

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044 – Finding Your Purpose

By Pete | April 1, 2019

  Mike wants to get sales training into the hands of every child and school in the world. He believes confident people don’t make…

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043 – Transforming Your Business

By Pete | March 25, 2019

  Lee Jackson is an agency owner, podcaster, solopreneur and business transformer. He runs both Angled Crown and Event Engine (his two agencies) alongside…

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042 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How I produce the podcast

By Pete | March 18, 2019

Today the podcast turns 1!!! It’s been a fun and sometimes scary journey, but it’s amazing how something is ingrained in your life and you…

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041 – Determining Your Success

By Pete | March 11, 2019

  Bob is a digital agency owner who has been on a journey through the scaling process and has experienced the successes and the challenges…

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040 – On-page SEO

By Pete | March 4, 2019

Stephanie helps businesses, coaches & entrepreneurs grow their website traffic and their leads using proven content marketing strategies and effective SEO techniques. She has grown…

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039 – Mixing Business and Pleasure

By Pete | February 25, 2019

  Jeanet is a serial entrepreneur from the Netherlands. She has written numerous books and worked on numerous business projects over the years. Her…

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038 – Introducing Outsource Services

By Pete | February 18, 2019

Chris is a digital marketer that owns a small agency by the name of Propel Digital Media Solutions. He recently turned his side hustle into…

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037 – How Entrepreneurs ‘Do’ Marketing

By Pete | February 11, 2019

Nicole is an award-winning Travel & Sales Consultant and Travel Business Development Coach with over 15 years of travel marketing and sales experience. Her…

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036 – Creating Online Courses

By Pete | February 4, 2019

Louise Brogan is an Irish Entrepreneur who works with business owners to establish their businesses online. As part of her repertoire, Louise has released…

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035 – Positioning yourself in your niche

By Pete | January 28, 2019

Mel is a fitness trainer and business coach with one hell of a story! Having recently gone through some major changes in the focus…

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034 – Introducing SplitHero

By Pete | January 21, 2019

Agency owner and digital entrepreneur, Adam Lacey, is on the brink of launching a new SAAS product designed to make split testing (or A/B…

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033 – How and Why Logos Work

By Pete | January 14, 2019

  We see them every day, they influence us, change us, evoke emotions and say something about us. They help us build businesses, and…

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032 – Planning Engaging Content

By Pete | January 7, 2019

  Generating content can seem like another hamster wheel that business owners (and marketers) can understandably be wary of. Author, journalist, marketer and podcaster,…

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031 – Generating Authentic Leads

By Pete | December 31, 2018

Every business needs leads – people who need what you have to sell. Alex Curtis – founder of The Lead Engine Marketing Agency – has…

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030 – Setting Goals (and Happy New Year)

By Pete | December 21, 2018

  In this episode, I share how I personally go about setting and mapping my goals for the next year. Some of these are…

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029 – Bicycles and Business

By Pete | December 17, 2018

  Those of us who have taken the leap into self-employment, or even into careers in social media, content creation, digital advertising, etc, probably…

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028 – Selling and Delivering Websites

By Pete | December 10, 2018

  In this episode, we meet Justin Meadows – founder of TunedWP. We discuss the process and methodology Justin uses to sell and deliver successful…

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027 – The Benefits of Repurposing Content

By Pete | December 1, 2018

  In this episode, we meet Amy Woods – founder and mastermind behind Content10X.com and content repurposing service based here in the UK. Main…

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026 – Different Types of Website Traffic

By Pete | November 20, 2018

This episode is the audio from an online workshop covering the different types of website traffic, and how to leverage them in your digital…

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025 – In Person Networking

By Pete | November 12, 2018

  In this episode, we meet agency owner and all-round nice guy, Kyle Van Deusen of OGAL Web Design. Kyle and I discuss the…

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024 – Reflections on the Youpreneur Summit

By Pete | November 5, 2018

Following attending the Youpreneur Summit 2018 I briefly consider how I’m feeling, the benefits of events such as this and how, as an entrepreneur and…

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023 – Proposals & Contracts

By Pete | October 29, 2018

This episode addresses a burning question for some of our listeners – how do we create proposals and contracts for the work we carry…

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022 – Launching and Marketing a Product

By Pete | October 22, 2018

  In this episode, we meet consultant product launch manager Tyler Bream. Tyler deep dives into the process for launching a product and the priorities…

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021 – User Experience could be your biggest growth hack

By Pete | October 15, 2018

  In this episode, we meet Paul Lacey – founder and developer at The Dickiebirds Studio, user experience and WordPress Design and Development Agency in the…

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020 – What I’ve Learnt from 20 Episodes of Podcasting

By Pete | October 8, 2018

  We’re at episode 20 – it’s here! In this episode I look at the lessons I’ve learnt from podcasting regularly over the past 6…

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019 – Helping People Solve Problems

By Pete | October 1, 2018

  This episode features serial entrepreneur, author, podcaster and general “good gal” Alexia Leachman. Alexia and I go on a journey through Alexia’s own…

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