028 – Selling and Delivering Websites

By Pete | December 10, 2018

  In this episode, we meet Justin Meadows – founder of TunedWP. We discuss the process and methodology Justin uses to sell and deliver successful…

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027 – The Benefits of Repurposing Content

By Pete | December 1, 2018

  In this episode, we meet Amy Woods – founder and mastermind behind Content10X.com and content repurposing service based here in the UK. Main…

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026 – Different Types of Website Traffic

By Pete | November 20, 2018

This episode is the audio from an online workshop covering the different types of website traffic, and how to leverage them in your digital…

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025 – In Person Networking

By Pete | November 12, 2018

  In this episode, we meet agency owner and all-round nice guy, Kyle Van Deusen of OGAL Web Design. Kyle and I discuss the…

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024 – Reflections on the Youpreneur Summit

By Pete | November 5, 2018

Following attending the Youpreneur Summit 2018 I briefly consider how I’m feeling, the benefits of events such as this and how, as an entrepreneur and…

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023 – Proposals & Contracts

By Pete | October 29, 2018

This episode addresses a burning question for some of our listeners – how do we create proposals and contracts for the work we carry…

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022 – Launching and Marketing a Product

By Pete | October 22, 2018

  In this episode, we meet consultant product launch manager Tyler Bream. Tyler deep dives into the process for launching a product and the priorities…

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021 – User Experience could be your biggest growth hack

By Pete | October 15, 2018

  In this episode, we meet Paul Lacey – founder and developer at The Dickiebirds Studio, user experience and WordPress Design and Development Agency in the…

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020 – What I’ve Learnt from 20 Episodes of Podcasting

By Pete | October 8, 2018

  We’re at episode 20 – it’s here! In this episode I look at the lessons I’ve learnt from podcasting regularly over the past 6…

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019 – Helping People Solve Problems

By Pete | October 1, 2018

  This episode features serial entrepreneur, author, podcaster and general “good gal” Alexia Leachman. Alexia and I go on a journey through Alexia’s own…

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018 – The Importance of WordPress Maintenance and Project Management

By Pete | September 24, 2018

  This episode features agency and SAAS owner Jeffery Patch from MaintainPress. Jeffery and I talk about the importance of WordPress maintenance and the…

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017 – Content and Business are an Evolution

By Pete | September 17, 2018

  This week’s podcast features copywriter, entrepreneur and all round nice guy – Todd E Jones. Todd run’s copywriting agency Copyflight and the Uncommoners Facebook…

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016 – Why Headshots are Good for Business

By Pete | July 30, 2018

“A picture tells a thousand words… so why not choose what those words are?” – Laura Pearman, a UK based headshot photographer, discusses the…

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015 – How to choose your marketing agency (and what to look out for)

By Pete | July 16, 2018

Following on from last week’s episode considering working with an agency, this time I spoke to Rob White – group marketing manager of Superior…

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014 – How to work with an Agency (and get the most out of it)

By Pete | July 9, 2018

Working with an agency can be expensive, right? So if you’re going to do it, what’s the best way to get the most out…

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013 – How we do Keyword Research and Keyword Mapping for our Clients

By Pete | July 2, 2018

One of the most common queries I’m asked when working with clients is “How do you know which search terms to rank for?” Following…

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012 – Where to start with Marketing Automation

By Pete | June 25, 2018

  Nathalie Dorémieux is co-founder of New Software Marketing with her husband Olivier. Together they specialise in marketing automation and the build of membership…

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011 – Understanding Your Purpose

By Pete | June 18, 2018

Kelly Baader is an international entrepreneur, business coach and fellow Youpreneur… In this episode Kelly and I talk about understanding your purpose and the…

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010 – Using Facebook to plant 1Million Trees

By Pete | May 14, 2018

Sophie Jane Mortimer is a marketing consultant and facebook trainer based in the UK. She talks of her experiences with Treesisters and her previous…

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009 – Dare to Dream Bigger

By Pete | May 7, 2018

In this episode we speak to Clare Josa – Author, Speaker and Mentor – regarding the challenges entrepreneurs and professionals face when they consider…

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008 – GDPR for Marketing

By Pete | April 30, 2018

In this episode we consider the roll out of GDPR to your marketing process, including an overview of GDPR, a look at what it…

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007 – Taking the leap & Social PPC

By Pete | April 23, 2018

Social PPC expert, Robbie Handley, reflects on his first year in business and how his network has enabled him to build a lasting business…

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006 – The only differentiating factor is you

By Pete | April 16, 2018

The (former) WordPress Chick, Kim Doyal, talks through her life in content. From consultancy, to Facebook groups, to courses, and now to a SAAS…

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005 – How to optimise a web page for SEO

By Pete | April 9, 2018

  Taking on my first solo episode, I take a look at one of the questions I’m most frequently asked by the Marketing Professionals…

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004 – Speaking Publicly

By Pete | April 2, 2018

Entrepreneur and English Celebrant (in France), Piers Lane, gives an insight into the training he offers to help people speak publicly, be it for…

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003 – How mentoring changed my business

By Pete | March 26, 2018

In this episode Lee Jackson gives some of his backstory and the means by which he started is digital agency. He then discusses his…

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002 – Working with different sized businesses

By Pete | March 19, 2018

  Rob now works as a Digital Marketing Freelancer in West Yorkshire, UK – but this hasn’t always been the case! Starting his career…

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001 – Building your marketing career

By Pete | March 12, 2018

 Many marketing professionals feel that they have side-lined themselves by working in a single niche for a period of time. Rob talks about…

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000 – Introduction

By Pete | March 12, 2018

  Welcome to the Marketing Development Podcast – meet me and find out a little about our upcoming plans for the podcast!   Join…

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