132 – How to create space in your business

By Pete | April 19, 2022

Main talking points include: With my coaching clients I’ve been working a LOT on creating space in their businesses before taking on anything new…

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131 – Distributing New Content

By Pete | October 26, 2021

Main talking points include: Why having a distribution protocol is a good idea: Just generating content and hoping for the best isn’t a great…

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130 – Moving to a Recurring Agency Model

By Pete | October 20, 2021

Main talking points include: From a background of being an in house and agency designer, Doug has run his own business in a variety…

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129 – Everyone Needs a bit more Laughter

By Pete | October 5, 2021

Main talking points include: The power of laughter – how it energizes you as person What laughter yoga is and why you should consider…

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128 – Being known as the Problem Solver

By Pete | April 22, 2021

Main talking points include: Reflections There’s always a way The first solution isn’t always the best solution (although it sometimes is!) Being flexible enough…

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127 – How to conduct Keyword Research

By Pete | April 14, 2021

Main talking points include: Priorities for keywords What makes you the most money? What is under-performing that needs to? What has quality issues? What…

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126 – Why there was a break in the podcast

By Pete | April 7, 2021

Main talking points include: COVID lockdown in the UK Shoulder Delivery of Demystifying SEO Advanced Modules SEOHive Updates and 1st Birthday! General Work Mental…

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125 – How to use Google Ads to Boost your SEO services

By Pete | January 12, 2021

Main talking points include: Google Ads is one of the main streams of income for Google – and because of that it has a…

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How We’re Setting Goals for 2021

By Pete | December 15, 2020

Main talking points include: The “normal” model Having the master plan – you set the scope…  3 years / 5 years / 10 years…

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123 – Benefits of Creating a 1 Day Service

By Pete | December 1, 2020

Main talking points include: Candy started as a freelance writer and designer in 2009. As her business grew, she started outsourcing work to sub-contractors.…

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122 – Introducing Docket WP

By Pete | November 18, 2020

Main talking points include: Kyle used to work in Print Design, and in learning web design he realised that there was a number of…

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121 – Including Trust Factors in your Marketing

By Pete | November 11, 2020

Main talking points include: Building Trust with a potential customer is the one piece of the jigsaw that can switch them from making that…

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120 – Stopping Imposter Syndrome From Holding You Back

By Pete | November 3, 2020

Main talking points include: Latest book – Ditching Imposter Syndrome What Clare has seen during 2020 lockdown: Flight, flight, freeze mode – caused by stress. Increase…

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119 – Introducing RetainFM

By Pete | October 28, 2020

Main talking points include: It’s time for a change and a bit of a mix up with the podcast… Actually, honestly, this is about…

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118 – Introducing the Project Discovery Blueprint

By Pete | October 20, 2020

Main talking points include: Why a discovery process is important Ensuring you know the full scope of a project BEFORE you are committed to…

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117 – How we talk “scaling” with clients

By Pete | October 7, 2020

Main talking points include: We have a responsibility when it comes to helping clients scale their businesses that they can cope with it! It’s…

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116 – Why I Moved Back To A Home Office

By Pete | September 30, 2020

Main talking points include: Why I moved OUT of the home office in the first place Children Noise Being “professional” Whats made me go…

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115 – Building Lasting Client Relationships

By Pete | September 15, 2020

Main talking points include: As the world returns to a new kind of normal and activity with clients pics up again, it’s important to…

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114 – Securing Recurring Revenue

By Pete | September 8, 2020

Main talking points include: Through her experience as an actress, the freedom of running her own business, and being paid for a single job…

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113 – Time For A Change

By Pete | August 26, 2020

Main talking points include: Why this podcast was started…  Growing my agency Finding likeminded marketing consultants and professionals Starting to build that “personal brand”…

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112 – Being Yourself in Sales

By Pete | August 18, 2020

Main talking points include: In setting up any business, there are items that you like doing, and those that you don’t. Most of us…

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111 – Managing Clients at the start of a retainer

By Pete | August 11, 2020

Main talking points include: When any retained agreement begins, there is the initial excitement that the sale has been made, and then the realisation…

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110 – Dealing with Scope Creep

By Pete | August 4, 2020

  Main talking points include: What is scope creep? Scope creep is the term given to the process of free work being included in…

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109 – Marketing World Leading SAAS Products Through Content – Pritesh Vora

By Pete | July 28, 2020

  Main talking points include: Pritesh’s background is working in mobile app startups – starting with virtual reality software, mainly around facial recognition and…

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108 – Closing SEO Clients (Part 2)

By Pete | July 20, 2020

  Main talking points include: Part 2: New Clients We don’t offer retainers to people we’ve never worked with before – we need to…

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107 – Closing SEO Clients (Part 1)

By Pete | July 15, 2020

  Main talking points include: Disclaimer: Before you begin always make sure you’re not promising things you can’t deliver in order to win a…

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106 – Communicating with people in various locations

By Pete | July 6, 2020

  Main talking points include: Setting up your software:  Project Management Client Communications Internal Communications We use ClickUp for all project management and client…

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105 – Introducing the Content Planning Toolkit

By Pete | June 29, 2020

  Biography  Martin is the co-founder of Jammy Digital, a web consulting agency in the UK. Martin, along with his wife Lyndsay, also teach…

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104 – Finding the one thing you can help other people with the most

By Pete | June 22, 2020

  Main talking points include: Starting with a blank sheet of paper… To begin with, don’t worry about: WHAT it is that you will…

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103 – Working with other people and agencies

By Pete | June 15, 2020

  Main talking points include: Looking to scale? Working in partnerships – its an agreement… building a trusting network of relationships with people in…

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102 – How I structure my day to run TWO businesses

By Pete | June 8, 2020

  Main talking points include: Following on from a previous podcast about what I learned from launching SEOHive (ep 99), Kyle asked me to…

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101 – When and How to Fire a Client

By Pete | June 1, 2020

  Main talking points include: None of us ever want to fire a client, but sometimes it’s the best thing to do for all…

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100 – The LIVE Show

By Pete | May 26, 2020

  Main talking points include: Gotta say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has listened, joined the Facebook group, engaged, sent DMs, generally…

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099 – Lesson learned from launching a productised service

By Pete | May 18, 2020

  Main talking points include: It’s been 6 weeks since SEOHive was launched. What are the biggest things I’ve learned in that time? Launching…

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098 – Reflections following #ATLive2020

By Pete | May 11, 2020

  Main talking points include: https://agencytransformation.live/ An AWESOME event – held by Lee Jackson from Agency Trailblazer Two main reflections: How the event worked…

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097 – Why recurring revenue is more important now than ever

By Pete | May 4, 2020

  Main talking points include: Current sit rep – does this sound familiar to you?  When Coronavirus hit the UK economy, this is what…

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096 – Catching Your Time Dragons

By Pete | April 27, 2020

  Biography Process engineer with a day job consulting in the oil and gas industry, but secretly a time-dragon catcher at night. I am…

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095 – Ways of demonstrating addition value to clients

By Pete | April 14, 2020

  Main talking points include: Not necessarily talking about financial value (although SOMETIMEs we are)…  What do we mean by “adding value”? All the…

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094 – Best Practices for Working Remotely

By Pete | April 6, 2020

  Biography Stephanie helps businesses, coaches & entrepreneurs grow their website traffic and their leads using proven content marketing strategies and effective SEO techniques.…

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093 – Personalisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation

By Pete | March 30, 2020

  Biography Andrea Bronzini is an Online Business Consultant & Optimization Strategist. I’ve been working with online businesses since 2010 and, after a long…

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092 – Focusing on the Priorities in Your Business

By Pete | March 23, 2020

  Main talking points include: Process for deciding what to work on:  Identifying priorities Business Critical Cashflow Business Development Project Management Identifying quick wins…

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091 – Constructing your offer to work with Small Businesses

By Pete | March 16, 2020

  Biography Bob has worked in the field of digital marketing for nearly twenty years, for most of that time running his own consultancy.…

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090 – Using Productised Services to Market Your Agency

By Pete | March 10, 2020

  Main talking points include: Great question – there are loads of good reasons why a productised, lower value offer is a good idea…

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089 – Introducing SEOHive

By Pete | March 2, 2020

  Main talking points include: Whats the point of this live call?  To introduce to you a new service that will help you build…

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088 – Communicating “not so good” news to clients

By Pete | February 24, 2020

  Main talking points include: When unexpected things happen that aren’t so great for your clients – how do you go about telling them…

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The Cornerstones of a Strong Marketing Strategy

087 – The Cornerstones of a Strong Marketing Strategy

By Pete | February 17, 2020

  Main talking points include: Essentially fundraising marketing is “awareness” marketing, specifically with an emotive gist to provoke positive change. In broad brushstrokes this entails: Understanding…

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086 – How to build a PR Strategy

By Pete | February 10, 2020

  Biography: John Ozimek – Co-Founder & Director: John has 20 years of experience in technology PR and marketing, and has worked with global…

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085 – Standing Out in a world of Extroverts and Selfies

By Pete | February 3, 2020

  Biography: Adam King is “The Captain” at Think Like a Fish, a Growth Marketing Consultancy that helps B2B service firms start and continue…

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084 – 5 Steps to Easy Content Creation

By Pete | January 27, 2020

  Biography: Helen Pollock is an Amazon-bestselling ghostwriter, non-fiction book coach and business content specialist. Working as The Content Doc these days, Helen’s been…

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083 – Growing and Sustaining Your Business

By Pete | January 20, 2020

  Biography: Roland opened Benson design in 1985 in San Antonio Texas with one goal in mind to help small businesses promote themselves, develop…

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