Why repurpose content?

Why repurpose content?

Repurposing content is a theme that is widely covered online, but why is it important to spread your content out around different media?

To put it simply, different people consume content in different ways. At the moment you’re reading this. You may have come through a google search, or through a social media post, but you’re consuming this content as a blog post.

Video is the second biggest medium for content on the internet (after written content), and as a result YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the internet! Not everyone relishes the thought of standing in front of camera, but its benefits for SEO, traffic generation and brand awareness are incredibly powerful.

Podcasting is another medium for content that is vastly increasing in popularity. In 2017, the BBC commented that 9% of the adult UK population downloaded a podcast weekly, and in the US that figure was 15% of the adult population. With figures such as these, and the fact that you’re not “on camera” it is easy to see why it’s such a popular means of delivering content. It’s also easy for the end user that can consume the content on the move, or whilst doing something else.

Written content also doesn’t have to be limited to blogs – you could also write natively on different social platforms, comment on Quora topics, even forum content…

With all of these different media, it makes sense to repurpose your most successful content into different media to extend the reach of that content to the greatest number of people. The other things that’s great about this is that you don’t have to keep on coming up with different ideas – the states tell you want your best content is, and you simply take that and mix up the format a little!

“So why do you just write content on your blog?” I hear you ask…

Well, thats a good question and the simple answer is that we all have to start somewhere… I do have plans for a podcast (launching in March 2018) and releasing some online courses (released throughout 2018) which will include elements of video in too… If you’d like to be kept up-to-date with these, please sign up to the mailing list, or like my facebook page.

I chose blogging as my starting platform because it fitted in with everything else I was doing, I was able to commit to a schedule for regular blogging (once a week – on a Monday), and it allowed me to easily generate some value, but at the same time gather some data about how that content performs online.