Is video really important for SEO?

Is video really important for SEO?

Is video really important for SEO?

If you’re asked which is the top search engine, almost everyone would answer, “Google”. If you were asked about the top two search engines, however, would you put a video platform second place?

Not as many people be aware that YouTube, which is owned by Google, ranks as a close second (even above other search engines, such as Bing).

As far back as 2009 (it’s hard to believe that was nearly 9 years ago!), a Forrester study found that “pages with video are 53-times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results.” This means that video is key to an SEO strategy and has been for nearly a decade!

With the applications such as Vine, Instagram and Snapchat, video marketing is gaining a tremendous amount of traction. To begin with, it keeps content relevant, fresh and, most importantly, relatable. It also offers a great opportunity to show a glimpse inside your business — providing your potential audience with a personal insight which helps build trust, and breaks down many of the barriers to “conversion”.

You don’t need a huge production, nor spend thousands  to produce effective videos. Most of the time a simple video using your computer webcam or personal camera will work just as well.

To break things down a little further, some of the additional reasons of including video in your digital marketing are:


  • In reality, not everyone enjoys or has time for a good read. With short video clips, you’re offering your content to your audience that some may find more consumable.
  • Mobile devices now make up more than half of internet traffic. Having videos that play on social media platforms on smartphones / tablets / etc, simply increases your brand awareness.
  • Videos are easy to consume and easy to share on social media.
  • Videos “personalize” your company. It shows your audience and potential customers there are actual people behind the brand.
  • The barriers to entry are relatively low to creating a great video. You can simply use a smartphone or tablet, or a DSLR that you already own, and you’re ready to go!

Types of videos

So now you’ve decided video is a good idea, where do you go from here. Well the good news is that by including video in your content creation, you are also adding a means to create more interesting content, but also repurpose content that you’ve already produced (so you already know its good!) in a new way.


Corporate Videos

Corporate videos work really well in humanizing your brand. However, starting as a novice with a video that’s going to be your flagship piece of video content may not be the best idea. Therefore I’d recommend starting with some content you’re familiar with – maybe a blog post or product demonstration, and making a video version of this. Ideally if you can produce half a dozen or so videos with established content, you will soon start to get into the swing of things.

Another reason for this advice is that if you choose content that you know should rank higher than it currently is, you can then monitor the affect the video has on the search engine results page (SERP) position over the come days / weeks, and see for yourself the benefit of using video. Diving straight in with new content doesn’t give you this opportunity.



Another way to include video on your website is to turn the camera on your clients. Some may already have video marketing experience themselves, so these are the ones to go to first, and ask for some testimonials. These can be uploaded straight onto your website, but also shared on Social Media – I mean, who wouldn’t share a good video of themselves to their own networks?!


Product Demonstrations

Product videos have proven themselves to improve sales. For lower ticket items, many retailers have taken to uploading product videos to their product pages so they are viewable for all customers. For higher ticket items, it is more common to have a brief video on the web page itself, and then to film a personalised video sent directly to the user upon receipt of an email address. This adds another personalised dimension to your service.


How To’s / Tutorials

This works exceptionally well for lead generation, either through simple videos, or through webinars which are more live and interactive. Either way, if you’ve got any blog content that would work well in these forums, then you’re already on to a winner!


We’d love to see how you’re using video in your business, or if you want any more advice, feel free to get in touch and we can take the conversation from there.

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