Lessons learnt from the #12BlogsOfChristmas

Lessons learnt from the #12BlogsOfChristmas

For those of you whole have been following my #12BlogsOfChristmas everyday since Christmas Day, thank you for your support – it has been noted.


Why did I do the #12BlogsOfChristmas?

Well, the deeper question is “Why did you set up this website?”…

2017 was a pivotal year for me – after leaving full time employment in late 2016, last year was THE year I set up my own business, looked at streams of income and re-established the lifestyle I wanted. Throughout the year, it became apparent that whilst marketing a business was good for, well, business, there was also a need to market myself… And this is the start of that journey.

The #12BlogsOfChristmas seemed to be a good way to start – to generate a groundswell of content over a short period – nothing is more depressing than a half complete website, right?


Lessons learnt

1. Creating content every day is HARD! 

… as you can tell by the fact that the #12BlogsOfChristmas, actually only has 9 blogs in it!


2. Planning is key 

I did have a plan for the #12BlgosOfChristmas insofar as I had an evernote list with potential topics on. I did have the intention of batch writing the blogs, but this didn’t actually pan out. I also tried to stay a couple of days ahead of myself, but that didn’t pan out either… Still, there’s a lesson in there and I’ll certainly be changing my content creation methods sharpish! There’s another resource in here that will appear very soon!


3. Consistency shows results

Looking at the analytics from the site, it is clear to see that even after only 12 days, there is has been an uplift in traffic at a steady rate since starting. I haven’t boosted any posts on social media or used any form of paid for advertising to massage the results. The only think I have done is social posting (I’ll come to that in a moment) and I’ve included this website within some profiles / forums etc…


4. Social Posting

Zapier is a godsend…! Also, ensuring all the social posts are written at the time of writing seriously speeds up process 🙂


5. There’s nothing like simply getting on with it! 

There’s no substitute for getting you hands dirty and simply cracking on with whatever idea it is that you have. I’m not talking here about a scatter gun approach – there is a reason why I’m doing this and I have a plan of what is to come from this website, however I don’t have all the pieces of that jigsaw figured out – instead I’m using this as a platform to explore the idea and the rabbit holes it will lead me down, and the end product will probably look completely different to how I envisaged it at the start – but thats no bad thing.

This is about the journey and the discovery, and that doesn’t need to be a lonely process.