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Being accessible is to you where you need me the most is really important to me.

As such, I've created a range of means by which we can work together and I can support you in achieving your goals. Some of these are free resources that are held in other parts of this website (like my podcast).

Others are paid services, and these are detailed for you below...

How I can help you

The means I have to help people largely fall into three categories... these are:

Do it yourself

Do it yourself

Demystifying SEO

Demystifying SEO is a 6 module, step-by-step, actionable breakdown of on-page and off-page SEO. Designed to demonstrate a return on investment for Marketers and Business Owners alike.

The course comprises of the core modules, and then two advanced modules produced to directly help Digital Agencies develop their services.

The core modules include: The foundations of SEO, All About Keywords, Starting with Content, Making content work for you, Maximising Exposure and Measureing Success.

The advanced modules include How to Sell SEO, and Designing an SEO Strategy that works.

Done with you

Done with you

Recurring Agency Program

Developing recurring services can be a daunting task. Having a safe place to develop these skills is key.

The Recurring Agency Program is just that safe place! A group coaching program build around the Recurring Agency Roadmap, with access to the (ever developing) Toolkit.

The program includes:

  • 2 Group Coaching Calls Per Month
  • Coaching Community
  • Archive of past calls
  • Mix of Dedicated Coaching & Group Tasks
  • Access to all Roadmap Resources
  • Access to the Developing Toolkit
  • Monthly Rolling Program (no min commitment)
Done with you

1:1 Coaching

For those who really want to make the business sing, we can work 1:1 in your business together!

This form of caoching isn't suitable for everyone, but if you're serious about growth and want a Non-Exec sitting at your side, then this might be just the program for you. Please contact me directly outlining where your business is and what you want to achieve and we can book a call and take it from there.

Done with you

1:1 Power Hour

Sometimes you don't need a full consultancy package, just a quick hour to get an issue unpacked and off your chest.

Make agency life easier, especially in those moments with you feel like you may have lost a little (or a lot) control... Use a 60 minute 1:1 consultancy session to discuss any aspect of Agency life, including (but not limited to):

  • Project Management
  • SEO
  • Sales
  • Growth
  • Processes
  • Products / Services
  • Team building
  • ... and so on...

Done for you

Done for you

SO Digital

SO... is my digital agency. We creatively help clients overcome problems.

Whether you're looking for an agency partner to take a project from you, or a white-label solution, SO... can help you. We design and build websites and web apps for our clients, and then help them market them through SEO and PPC.

Done for you


SEOHive is my white-label SEO service – a simple, transparent and proactive service that will equip you to sell and deliver SEO contracts, while we perform the service level work for your agency..

We support our clients through the provision of our "pathways" and reports. The core services we offer are:

  • Scout Reports
  • On Page
  • Link Outreach
  • Content
  • The Honey Pot


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