The best tools that won't let you down.

It's taken me a LONG time to settle on a toolkit that I can rely on EVERY time...

These are all tools or services I use every day (I wouldn't recommend them otherwise), and they're listed here so you can save yourself a load of time going on the same journey I have...

Recommended tools and services

Best for email marketing


Email is still THE best way to keep in touch with your audience. Period.ConvertKit is an industry-leading platform that allows you to manage your list, communicate with your followers easily, and manage them into segments, tags, etc so you can get the right content to the right people at the right time.

Best for web hosting


Knowing that your website data (or that of your clients) is secure 24/7 is the only way you can get a good nights sleep.Cloudways has been my host of choice for over 5 years. They offer unrivaled support and hosting services using the most reliable virtual server providers on the planet. Plus the manage back ups, etc, and did I mention their support was awesome?

Best for Pro SEO Work


SEMRush isn't cheap, but the plethora of services it offers is extensive. If you're serious about offering SEO to your clients, you NEED to invest in a tool like this.SEMRush is integral to all of my businesses. It equips us to not only be informed about our clients, but also to seek out the SEO opportunities online that make the difference to their businesses. This tool alone has powered the vast majority of the recurring revenue in my businesses.

Best for SEO Content Creation


SurferSEO enables you to generate copy-driven traffic with ease.It's one thing to write "good" copy on your website. Writing copy that will compete with existing listings and displace them in the search engines is quite another.That is where SurferSEO comes in – it benchmarks your new copy in real-time against the current top 10 listings, meaning that when you hit "publish" you do so safe in the knowledge you already have the upper hand.Surfer also checks for plagiarism, audits content like an animal and suggests edits to your website to optimise your entire website for search. Give it a try today!

Best Entry Level SEO Tools


Whilst SEMRush (see above) is expensive, Mangools is not. But for what you pay for it gives plenty of solid and reliable information to build an SEO Strategy on.Maybe you're just starting out and wondering which keywords you should be going after, or maybe you just want to run SEO software for a single site and some of the premium tools seem like overkill. If that's you, then Mangools is your go to.

Best WordPress SEO Plugin


SEOPress (and SEOPress Pro) are SEO Plugins for WordPress.Whilst there are a plethora of SEO plugins available, I've found that SEOPress Pro is by far the most reliable to use, is client friendly, and provides the quickest results in the search engines. I've also been impressed with how the SEOPress team have kept on top of changes to the algorithms and built new features into their product when they've needed to.

Best for Project Management


Gone are the days of needing multiple apps to manage your business. When ClickUp was released in 2017 their mission was to develop "one app to replace them all" – and now they've done it.  It's difficult to summarize ClickUp in a blurb like this, but basically if you need it managing, ClickUp will do it, and you'll be able to invite anyone you need to to get the job done. Implementing ClickUp in my businesses was a gamechanger – no word of a lie.

Best Online Checkout


ThriveCart is an online sales platform to rival no other. It is the only sales gateway I use to for all my personal courses, sales, programmes, etc...Where ThriveCart excels is in its ease of use, management capability (affiliates, etc) and its integration to your website for a seamless user experience. Oh and it's built by conversion experts, so the sales pages are 👌

Best Lead Gen Tool


ConvertBox allows visitors to your website to do just that – convert!Whether you're offering an optin to build your list, or running a promotion on your lasted product or service offering, ConvertBox will get that message across to your users in a non-spammy way, and drive them to the action you're wanting them to take.There is always some form of convertbox running on my website – can you spot it?

Full disclosure: some of the links on this page (and elsewhere on this website) are affiliate links. You should be aware that if you purchase from any of the companies listed, I may receive some form of commission or be compensated in some way.

All of the products and services I recommend I have used (or still use) personally – that is why they're listed here for you. If you use some of these links – thank you 🙏.


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