051 – Why using funnels in your sales process makes sense



Matt is a web designer, marketer, agency owner since 2006 and worked in the digital space since the year 2000. As a passionate advocate of lead generation and marketing funnels, he wants to help every agency owner to generate more leads for their business.


Main talking points include:

What is a funnel and why is it important to marketing? 
  • In its simplest form, a funnel is a means to provide the solution for a problem that a customer has. It’s an awareness cycle
  • The main issues of a funnel are that they need a time investment to create, and without a core strategy, they become laborious and unfocused
  • The Feast and Famine Cycle
Introducing FunnelPacks.co
What’s included:
  • Lead magnets
  • Landing Pages
  • Welcome email
  • Nurture Email Sequence
  • CTA offer emails
  • Tutorials
Is running a funnel expensive?
You CAN run a funnel absolutely free, but a little investment makes things run more smoothly.
Matt’s bigger picture – changing the opinions on mental health and teaching in school.


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