060 – Why Design is vital for Marketing


With a background in art theory, Piccia Neri has been a practising designer for over 2 decades, working with major cultural institutions as well as top London agencies on global brands. Piccia led the creative direction of the design department at the British Film Institute, London. She was vice-president of the Chartered Society of Designers (UK) 2013-16.

After 20 years in London Piccia currently runs her own global web, UX & design consultancy agency from Spain. Besides building websites, apps and brands, she educates developers, techies and marketers as well as clients on design, running workshops and courses, and speaking at international conferences on design topics.


Main talking points include:

Why design is important for marketing

Design is not styling.

Design starts way before that with the process and the planning – this is where it starts from.

With digital products you need to take things into consideration:

  • Accessibility is an example of this…
    • E.g. the apple original logo

To put it simply – “good design is good marketing”


What is the thought process that goes behind good design? 

Planning is the key – what is the experience you want them to have? What emotions do you want to evoke in your clients… Creating empathy with the target audience.

User experience is not just on the page – it’s about how you communicate.

UX is NOT just for big corporations – it’s for everyone…


Piccia’s Courses: 

– The mini (free) course – the framework of good UX

– UX For Everyone – paid course… a deep dive into the entire UX process that you can use AND sell as a team of one (or more)…


Understanding your target human

How everything to do with marketing, design, copywriting, etc… comes down to understanding your target audience(s), and finding EMPATHY with them.

The process:

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Testing

Empathy leads to accessibility…


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