101 – When and How to Fire a Client


Main talking points include:

None of us ever want to fire a client, but sometimes it’s the best thing to do for all of us. In this episode, I look at why this is good for us and our client, how to spot the warning signs and how to actually go about terminating an agreement with a client once the decision has been made.
Why is it a good thing to fire a client? 
Not all clients are a good fit for us, and likewise we’re not always a good fit for them. There can be loads of reasons for this:
  • Different expectations
  • Different values
  • Different work ethics
Benefits to you / your business:
  • Less stress
  • Less compromise to your processes
  • Gives more room to work with a clients that is a better fit
Benefits to your client:
  • Less stressful relationship
  • Potential for a better product at the other end
Warning signs that a client isn’t a good fit for you
  • Long periods where the project goes stagnant
  • Delayed communications and / or payments
  • A disregard for the “right” advice
  • Not being a “partner” to the project
  • Making demands on the project that are outside of scope, practice or generally outside of your remit as a supplier
How to fire a client
  • Try to get in there first
  • Do it in writing
  • Outline why this is the right decision for both you and them
  • Offer to refund costs if at all possible
  • Offer an alternative solution if you have one
  • Be proactive in the supply of files, assets, access rights etc
Overall – be professional.

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