081 – Whats in store for 2020!

081 – Whats in store for 2020!


Main talking points include:

Understanding who you want to serve, and how to serve them best. For me, this is:

  • Those who do marketing on a day-to-day basis
  • Those who need to advise others on their marketing or marketing strategy
  • Those who tactically deliver marketing content regularly
  • Those who run marketing agencies
  • Those who need to be accountable to marketing results


Looking back at 2019:

  • Launch of a course went extremely well
  • Growing the podcast community and providing a safe place for questions to be asked
  • Identifying trends in practices, questions, and content
  • Delivering content through different media


What’s coming in 2020:

  • Trying something new – business masterminding
  • Launching something new – a new course / product?
  • Building my agency
    • Better marketing / lead generation
    • Better delegation
    • Less reliant on me
    • More recurring revenue
  • The same podcast
    • More guests
    • More advice
    • More community



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