020 – What I’ve Learnt from 20 Episodes of Podcasting


We’re at episode 20 – it’s here!

In this episode I look at the lessons I’ve learnt from podcasting regularly over the past 6 months, and the effect the podcast has had upon my business.


Main talking points include:

  1. Why I started – creating content regularly – and blogging didn’t work
  2. Podcasting is FUN!
  3. Consistency is HARD
  4. I meet great people – guests and listeners
  5. I learn LOADS from experts in their industries
  6. It helps my business – and it changed my business
  7. Starting a podcast is hard – it feels really weird and vulnerable
  8. Starting a podcast is easy – from a technical point of view anyway
  9. Watching the stats is futile
  10. The FB group brings the podcast alive
  11. It’s here to stay…


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