054 – Video Marketing is really Video Customer Service



Pascal Fintoni is a professional trainer and speaker specialising in helping business owners get more enquiries from the Web. He started his career in 1994 in London working for a well known holiday company creating campaigns for TV, radio, newspapers and of course the Internet.

Pascal quickly developed a passion and unrivalled knowledge for digital content marketing and his time is shared between speaking at conferences and delivering interactive and practical programmes for marketing consultants and professionals as well as small business owners.

Pascal is also a video producer and director and he has successfully introduced many of the storytelling techniques used by filmmakers into his coaching to help his clients create better online content faster.


Main talking points include:

Starting your own business. 
  • Didn’t want to chase work to pay the bills
  • Wanted to give a better service to clients and spend time with them, regardless of what the quote determined.
  • Be clear about what you want to do
    • Pascal wanted to work with owner/managers
    • Didn’t want to get involved in the implementation
    • Reconnect clients with who their clients actually were
  • Learning how to say “no”
Staying as a consultant – not growing to an agency
  • Staying as a critical friend help elongate client relationships
  • Freedom within service offerings to change things as he wanted to
Shaping your model and your personal brand
  • Politely decline the offers for coffee, etc… they DO NOT help YOU build YOUR business!
  • Define the things that are for you and what are the things you use
Something brave for 2019… what could you STOP to free up time and value? 
As much as you work hard to look after your customers, what are you doing to look after yourself?
Video marketing
  • Your level of enthusiasm equates to the same level of fear in your clients
  • DON’T call it “video marketing”, instead call it “video customer service”
    • You can’t argue with good customer service
    • Is good customer service to send links to high-quality tutorials or videos that would be useful for your customers
    • Would it be helpful to save that video for future use and future customers?
    • Why not create a youtube channel of curated videos, tutorials, etc…
    • The better ones can then be embedded in a blog post
  • Over time you can introduce making your own videos, or co-create your own videos
    • People are the best in conversation mode
    • After a few of these, people may want to move to solo shows


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