021 – User Experience could be your biggest growth hack

021 – User Experience could be your biggest growth hack


In this episode, we meet Paul Lacey – founder and developer at The Dickiebirds Studio, user experience and WordPress Design and Development Agency in the UK. We talk about how prioritising user experience throughout a web project (or even retrofitting it to an existing website) can have a massive impact on your business.


Main talking points include:

  1. Why user experience is so essential to business
  2. How to integrate a process such as this into a new business / freelance venture
  3. Stages of designing through User Experience:
    • #1 – Define the strategy and some deliverable goals
    • #2 – Research your audience – creating your personas and then good and bad scenarios for the personas to create user flows
    • #3 – Gather the personas as an audience (or audience segments) and put a digital marketing strategy together to reach the audience(s)
    • #4 – Design and build the project based on your research to date
    • #5 – “traditional” growth hacking (split testing)


Connect with Paul:

Twitter: @wp_paullacey

Website: The Dickiebirds Studio


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