072 – Serving the niche you operate in


Vito started his marketing journey leading a hard rock band from a small band in Tel Aviv to releasing albums and touring the world to thousands of people.
Later he applied his skills to grow a web agency to a team of 12 in 3 years before launching WP FeedBack, a communication tool for WordPress professionals, becoming the first plugin by a new company to reach 6 figures within 30 days.


Main talking points include:

Finding a pain point in your niche

  • Finding a problem from within the inside of your community

    • If you try to “jump in” to a different industry or niche, you can find a lot of resistance – look into your own community
    • Do a survey – this is even less than an MVP (minimum viable product), BUT it validates an idea!
  • Developing a product

    • Scaling without the need to hire too many additional staff
    • A product doesn’t even have to be developed web SAAS, it could be anything!

“An idea should have merit on its own”
Vito Peleg

  • Sell before you build

Book: The Lean Start-Up – Eric Ries

  • Knowing when to pivot


People focus on the result too much – you need to enjoy the journey

  • Imagine your day – don’t manufacture vending machines


People need to see you at least 5 times before they care. You need to be out there on different channels. 

  • Facebook remarketing
  • Google remarketing


Ask the question: how can you 10X the ripple effect?


Building your client’s avatar – put pictures on your wall. 

No external money was spent on initial advertising – do this organically so you validate the idea with real followers. 


Book: Dotcom Secrets – Russel Brunson

  • Nurturing the attractive character
  • “Become the guy”…
  • Keep the conversation going…


Automating the conversation: 

  • Facebook groups, etc – safe places to keep engaged users in the conversation


Accept the pivot process


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Website: wpfeedback.co



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