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Sales that drive growth aren't incidental – they come about through a persistent drive to build a business. (Get the 50 business development ideas you can use every day).
Savvy business owners know that all business is an investment. Their profit is a direct multiplication of what they put in. So they ask the question "What's in it for me?" If you can answer that, you'll make sales. If you can't, you won't.
To be clear, I'm not talking about giving away complete strategies or "free work" for clients, but I am talking about understanding the potential BEFORE you approach a client, and presenting the opportunity to them in such a way that they understand what could be in it for them from the outset.
This is often far easier to do with existing clients to upsell them on to new products or services as you understand their business model already, there will be a learning curve for any new client, but even utilising tools like CHatGPT can help you run audits in seconds – and that's exactly what SEOHive's Scout Reports and Local SEO Audits are designed to do.
Any client that isn't interested in the opportunity (or who is just going through the motions) probably isn't a great client in the long run – you may do a project, maybe 2, but they won't be a long term client.
So, what is the opportunity your clients are looking for?
  • Search position?
  • Sales?
  • Enquiries?
What's their average conversion rate? If you can ascertain that, then you can literally forecast from spend to return.
  • A client receives an average of 1000 website visits per day.
  • They receive around 35 enquiries per day for their service.
  • Of those enquiries, 60% become quotes, and they close about half of all quotes.
  • So from the 1000 visits, they get 21 quotes and close 10-11 of them.
It goes to stand then, that if they can increase their traffic of the same quality by 100% (so 2000 visits per day) that would lead to 42 quotes per day, and 21-22 confirmed orders.
If they can 10x their traffic then that would be 210 quotes per day and 105 orders.
So without improving anything but traffic, you can demonstrate a return.
These are the numbers that help clients make investment decisions – are you selling through presenting the opportunity? If not, why not?
Check out SEOHive's Scout Reports and Local SEO Audit if you'd like to present SEO opportunities to your clients with a view to increasing your MRR.

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