032 – Planning Engaging Content


Generating content can seem like another hamster wheel that business owners (and marketers) can understandably be wary of. Author, journalist, marketer and podcaster, Janet Murray, is on a mission to make this process easier while making content more engaging at the same time!


Main talking points include:

4 things to promote your business everyday:
  • Content
  • Email
  • Social
  • PR
Journalists will now find you if YOU are generating the best content you can!
Twitter – #journorequest for exposure…
Content planning – 4 step process
  • Create an annual plan into quarters
    • What’s happening with your client in each quarter? (3 or 4 key things)
    • Pick out relevant key dates or awareness days
    • Should take 5-7 mins
  • Flesh out the quarterly plan
    • What are the key questions?
    • Generic questions
    • Specific questions
    • Can you tie any content to your business objectives
  • Weekly content plan
  • Daily plan
Dan Knowlton:
  1. General awareness content
  2. Consideration content
  3. Purchase content
Making engaging content:
  • “I need to know this” content
    • Practical / actionable advice
    • Ask a question / controversial statement with a poll?
      • Instagram stories
  • “I know about that” content
    • Janet’s dress poll for Youpreneur
  • “What do you think” content
    • Controversial / strong views
  • “I know how that feels”
    • Personal stories
“How can I make this content about my audience?”
  • Abr “How can I make it about them?”


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